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Three Awesome Takedowns from a Two on One with Georgi Ivanov

Three Awesome Takedowns from a Two on One with Georgi Ivanov


There are a lot of different tie ups you can use in wrestling. One very common position is a two on one or sometimes it is called a Russian tie. From this position you can hit single legs, double legs, trips, and even throws. That is why it is so important for all wrestlers to have a variety of attacks from the two on one position. Check out these three different takedowns you can add to your offense that will make you more dangerous from the two on one position. 

Head to Chest Fireman’s Carry

As you can see in the video, this does not look at all like a traditional fireman’s carry. To hit this takedown, first you need to secure your two on one. Once you have it tight, you will take a small step forward with your outside foot. At the same time you do this, you will lift the arm to try to stand your opponent up. Watch how Georgi keeps the arm tight to the chest and just does a quick pull on the arm to create space. 

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Once you lift your opponent up, you are going to step behind your opponent's near leg with your near leg. Be sure to keep your knee bent at about 90 degrees. This will prevent your opponent from stepping their leg back. Then you are going to use your far arm to grab the knee and get your head tight to your opponent’s chest. 

Watch how Georgi keeps everything nice and tight and even keeps a lot of pressure on the upper arm. Then just like he shows in the video, you are going to drive into your opponent and take them over you knee to their back. Be sure to be ready to hold them here to get your back points. 

Fake Single Leg to Ankle Pick

Another great takedown from the two on one is an ankle pick, but often times it is not available so in this video Dan Vallimont fakes a single leg to set up the ankle pick.

In this attack series, faking the single leg is almost as important as the actual ankle pick. Watch how Dan steps behind his opponent’s near leg to get him to react and pull his leg back to avoid the single leg. Once he steps the foot back, it puts all his weight on the far foot which makes it perfect for an ankle pick. But before you just reach down for the ankle, you need to hook the far ankle with your foot. Watch Dan’s footwork he uses to close the distance in order to hook the far ankle.

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Once the ankle is blocked, reach down and grab the ankle and drive over your opponent; don’t just try to lift the ankle. Also notice how Dan finishes with his opponent’s ankle on his thigh. Tabling the ankle will help to keep your opponent from bellying out. 

Reverse Arm Throw

A reverse arm throw is a great option when you have a two on one and your opponent is defending by attacking your elbow. 

This throw starts in a two on one position except, you are going to reverse your grip with the bottom hand. Then you are going to pull your opponent behind you. Watch how Georgi does this to load up his opponent to get ready for the throw. 

From this position, you will do a quick level change and a slightly turn your body as the back knee goes down to the mat. Keep the arm tight with both your arms and even use your head. Then, use the knee that is on the mat to drive forward and throw your opponent. 

The two on one position has so many different options. Be sure to practice this position and drill these finishes. If you would like to learn more about two on ones, be sure to check out Georgi’s in depth video series titled “The 2-on-1 Encyclopedia by Georgi Ivanov”.