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The Importance Of Confidence With Henry Cejudo

The Importance Of Confidence With Henry Cejudo

There is one trait above every other that can make a break a competitor and it does matter what apsort they are in. Unlike what most people think, it isn’t strength, speed or the size of the muscles, it isn’t even really about skill. No the number one trait that an athlete needs to have if they want to excel in the practice room and in competition is confidence.

If you’re a confident competitor, then you will have an infinitely higher chance of beating an opponent who isn’t confident in their abilities. It doesn’t matter what attributes your opponent has over you, confidence is always key. 

The problem is, since wrestlers tend to get beat up a lot in training, whether it’s by the coach or by their training partners. This can really crush a competitor’s confidence in their ability, even if they aren’t doing poorly in practice. This is mainly caused by the gradual wear and tear from training that everyone experiences. This is why sometimes you need to be reminded not only that you are confident in yourself but why you should be as well. 

Luckily for us and for you we have one of the most confident combat sports athletes in history to help remind you of just how important confidence in your ability is. 

Who Is Henry Cejudo?

Henry Cejudo is, in his own words, the greatest combat sports athlete of all time and it’s pretty hard to argue against him on that point. Not only did Henry Cejudo manage to hold both the UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight title at the same time and defend both belts, he also became an Olympic gold medalist in Freestyle wrestling at the 2008 Olympics. This makes him the only UFC athlete to ever win a title, let alone two, and hold a gold medal. With that said we are going to see how Henry applied his gold medal wrestling skills to MMA. 

The Importance Of Confidence In Sport 


In this video, Henry Cejudo breaks down how important confidence is and why you need to make sure you’re confident in yourself when you go out and compete. The video starts off with Cejudo saying that having confidence in what you’re doing is the greatest weapon that you can have. 

You could be doing everything wrong but if you’re extremely confident in what you’re doing,that will take you so much further than a person doing the right thing with no confidence. 

The one thing that makes confidence, in Cejudo’s words, is the commitment that comes with the confidence. Even if it’s wrong it will be more likely to hit. 

This is why you need to keep yourself confident, no matter what happens in the gym or what you feel, you need to go into competition with confidence, or else you basically have nothing. 

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Triple C Mindset by Henry Cejudo

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