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Takedown Defense Tips With Vic Avery

Takedown Defense Tips With Vic Avery


Back is straight, hips are in, and their head is up….you are in Takedown Trouble!

When someone gets in on a good shot you know it. There is a different feeling to a strong takedown position when compared to a weak one. Defending a quality shot is going to require a  strategy and proper technique if you hope to defend. Thankfully Vic Avery, NCAA All-American, has some Shutdown Defense tips for us. 


Avery’s new instructional Shutdown Defense is packed with top-notch defensive strategies just like we saw here with the high crotch defense. Vic has a way of pinpointing the essential elements of a technique that don’t require you to be an astounding athlete. If you know how to react and can apply good technique you will start to be able to defend wrestling’s most high percentage takedowns. 

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As you can see from the high crotch defense demonstration, sometimes you have to deal with an opponent who will get in on a good shot. While we ideally want to be on offense constantly, eventually you are going to need to unfold a strong defensive strategy.

Vic deals with his partner’s position by beginning to address the strong head position of his partner. This will serve as an adequate starting point to defend the high crotch. Now with his partner’s head going towards the mat, Vic begins to sprawl away from the high crotch. 

However, Victor’s sprawl isn’t your average everyday sprawl. Avery’s sprawl involves some rotation with his upperbody as he reaches for the belly-whizzer. This helps him circle his body away from his partner’s shot. Here is where the belly-whizzer comes in handy because the leverage it generates on your partner, combined with the direction you are circling will cause them to flatten out if they maintain their grip on your leg. 

Part of Victor Avery’s strategy is paying close attention to game-changing details. How he explains the leg curl concept and how it applies to his defensive strategy is a gem of a detail you could implement TODAY. Shutdown Defense is crammed with details just like this that can give you a technical edge over your opponent. 

Understanding your opponent’s intentions can make a huge difference in your overall game. If you know how to execute a strong takedown there is a good chance you understand how to defend it. Vic demonstrates this throughout the high crotch defense demo. 

Their head is up, Vic stuffs it at the neck. Hips are in, Vic uses a sprawl and belly whizzer to create space. Defending these two crucial aspects dismantles the takedown attempt. Add more game-changing details like this with Shutdown Defense.

Shutdown Defense by Victor Avery
Regardless of how slick and tactical you are, eventually someone is going to get in on a superb shot. Will you have the skills to defend? With Shutdown Defense By Victor Avery you will have the gritty details and a go-to gameplan. Double up your Defense TODAY!