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Tactical Transitions With Kyle Cerminara

Tactical Transitions With Kyle Cerminara


Switch it up, and keep your opponent guessing

Good wrestlers are often prepared for your first attack. If you can plan ahead and have a systematic approach to moving on from one attack to the next you can start to get ahead of your opponent. By controlling the tempo of the match you are going to find more opportunities to be offensive instead of defensive. 

One tried and true transition is transfering from a single leg to a seat belt position. Kyle Cerminara, D-1 All-American, has just released an entire instructional dedicated to this highly effective and highly efficient transition. Single Leg Seat Belt Series and Mat Returns focuses on tactics that span multiple rule-sets. Whether it’s the NCAA or ADCC Kyle has the techniques to get your hand raised. 

Since the single leg is so common defensive strategies are vast and effective. Using the single leg to get a seat belt can put you in position to have an ample amount of attack options, while at the same time limiting your opponent’s. Here is a clip from Single Leg Seat Belt Series and Mat Returns  where Kyle shows you how to transition from a failed single to a seat belt double leg! Check it out!


Kyle really emphasizes using the seat belt to pull his partner into the double leg. This is one major benefit to getting good at this position. The seat belt offers an immense amount of control over your opponent’s hips. From there you will start to see the options open up. 

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Another aspect to getting the seat belt that can be overlooked is that it forces your opponent to react. If they were to do nothing, they would get dumped to the mat no problem. Instead they are going to wrestle for position. In this case Kyle’s demo partner is squaring up to him possibly to pummel for an underhook to start to defend the seat belt. As Kyle feels this, he can use the grip to pull his partner while getting in on the double. 

As an added bonus Kyle explains an extra detail to defend your neck against Jiu-Jitsu guys. By keeping your head to the outside during the double you leave yourself vulnerable to chokes. To defend this he emphasizes keeping your head high and getting to your feet to run through the takedown. This will put you to the side of your opponent’s legs which further reduces the amount of attacking options a Jiu-Jitsu athlete would pose. 

Single Leg Seat Belt Series and Mat Returns by Kyle Cerminara
Single Leg Seat Belt Series and Mat Returns is loaded with great techniques like this and much, much MORE! Kyle Cerminara brings his wrestling expertise as well as his experience in other rulesets to provide a comprehensive system of getting to the seat belt position and EXECUTING!