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Stuck in the Low Single? Find a Way out with Ethan Lizak

Stuck in the Low Single? Find a Way out with Ethan Lizak


Continually getting demolished with the same takedowns over and over again can be demoralizing. However being exposed to a technique continuously also aid in you eventually figuring out more successful ways to defend it. Otherwise you will be just hoping for the best, and end up getting taken down. 

This is where the importance of practice really shines. If you have a varied approach you will get different looks from different styles. Some people excel at upper body takedowns, while others can dive in on a low single from what seems like halfway across the mat. This exposure is what makes you more prepared to face different challenges in the wrestling room. 

Often times when someone hits a solid low ankle shot you are probably ending up down on the mat. The timing required for the low ankle can be difficult to master, so chances are if they are in on your leg like that they have some skill. However this doesn’t mean you have to concede the battle! Ethan Lizak has a nice kickaway defense that he uses to not only defend the shot but turn the tables on his opponent. Check it out!

The first concept Ethan discusses is changing the direction of travel. With a solid shot on the ankle you can’t sprawl like you might be able to if they are just grabbing at your legs. Instead of trying to take his legs backwards instead Ethan drives his knee to his left, over his partner. Ethan shifts his weight this direction as his weight transfers to the mat. Standing tall while dropping into this spot could be a dangerous proposition. 

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Once Ethan has shifted his weight onto his knee he immediately looks to hook his opponent’s ankle. Since his base is compromised Ethan has to stop his opponent from circling. If they can circle they will drop your hips to the floor and finish the takedown. By hooking the ankle Lizak prevents this. This is crucial if you are looking to defend the low ankle shot. 

Now that Ehtan has stifled his partner’s shot, it’s time to turn the tables. Ethan’s instructional Takedown To Breakdown focuses on continuous action regardless if you are attacking or defending. So following that theme he looks to free his ankle.Ethan takes his free leg and places it on his partner’s triceps to kick their grip away.  

Instead of returning to neutral he instead utilizes the ankle grip to secure his own points. As soon as he kicks his leg loose he immediately pivots off of his hand and knees to face his partner. The thing about the low single is you have to go all-out on it. Since Ethan’s partner is fully focused on that shot they will be out of position if it fails. This is what Takedown To Breakdown brings to the table, non-stop action that leads to POINTS!

Takedown to Breakdown by Ethan Lizak
Takedown To Breakdown By Ethan Lizak provides the roadmap to continuous takedowns. Learn the essential takedowns of folkstyle wrestling. Never let up on your opponent and rack the points up with Ethan Lizak!