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Cuban Stance Tips With Frank Chamizo

Cuban Stance Tips With Frank Chamizo

Everyone one knows that wrestling is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports in the world. It happens at a grueling pace and when exhaustion starts in on a wrestler, they start to make mistakes. Mistakes create openings, openings create scoring situations. Utilizing defensive wrestling is one of the best ways to outpace your opponent, so that they are the ones that get tired and will make the mistake.  

Any conversation about defensive wrestling will bring up the name Frank Chamizo. Frank wrestles for Italy, but he grew up in the infamous Cuban wrestling program. That Program has produced numerous Olympic and World Champions. 

It comes as no surprise that Frank is currently the 2020 European Champion, and took home the bronze medal in 74kg at the 2016 Olympics. He is looking to best that attempt at the 2021 Tokyo games next year. 

Check out this video on how Frank deals with push outs and exhaustion by simply using his stance and movement. 


This is some great advice from the European champion. Maintaining your wrestling stance no matter what! Every coach on the planet will have some phrase about “Being wrestle ready”. What is unique about the approach to maintaining his posture is how straight Frank keeps his back leg. The straight leg acts as a brace against the pressure being applied toward him. 

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The key to this technique is how Frank moves his feet. He does not allow his feet to take half steps, or cross at any time. The back leg moves then the front foot follows. Maintaining his stance and distance between the front foot and back foot. The cadence of back foot, front foot is never broken. This movement prevents him from becoming off balance while moving and helps maintain your posture while under pressure. 

Frank being as good as he is, wouldn’t leave us with just the ability to slow our progression toward the edge of the ring. He shows a great way to turn the tables utilizing his partners aggression and at the same time putting himself into positions to mount some offense. 

While his feet maintain the cadence, he steps his back leg out to either side laterally. Then the front foot follows in a large arch. Simultaneously changing levels, leaving him on all fours while his partner should still be upright.  Another variant is while swinging the front leg in the arch, using the near side arm to wrap the ankle of his partner. It is a great entry into a swing single.

This technique has done two things. First it takes Frank off centerline and removes the threat of a push out. Second because the back foot moved laterally when the front foot follows, Frank ends up at his partners feet with the ability to attack a single leg. 

Frank shows he can move to both sides with this movement allowing him to have several options to work with. What do you think about how Frank uses his stance and footwork to control movement? Would you use this? 

Only one way to find out.

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