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Smooth Out Your Game With Shadow Wrestling

Smooth Out Your Game With Shadow Wrestling

Drilling it is killing it, or that is what they say. The importance of improving neural connections with specific motor functions is not only scientifically proven to create faster reactions, it is also a great way to warm the body up. Shadow boxing and wrestling helps a fighter get repetitions in on a specific set of movements without the threat of outside interactions.

As boxers will normally work on their hand and feet coordination while they shadow box, the same should go for wrestling with infinite more importance. In boxing their legs cannot be attacked but in wrestling it can, so having the arms and legs work in harmony is a vital skill.

So how do we do this? You can just be one of those guys you see in practice, slowly taking a few shots, talking to teammates and throwing a sprawl or two in for good measure. The problem with this is there is no repetition or structure. Sure the body is getting warm but did we actually accomplish anything else?

A more focused approach should be made, if you are sprawling, do 10 sprawls each side, shoot a shot turn around, 10 more sprawls. Making sure each is as perfect as you can. Train the body to do it perfectly now. You should train how you fight and you will fight how you train.

We all know how to sprawl and it is a great drill, We can do shots across the room and back and that will for sure get most people warm. What else is there to do?

Let's have a look at what one of the coaches at the NYRTC has to offer, Zach Tanelli shows a down block drill moving both forward and backward that will improve your defensive capabilities as well as leave you ready to fire back on your own. Check it out!


Zach points out a few key points that wrestlers should be thinking about while doing this drill. First the visualization of what your opponent is doing. Shooting a single or shooting a high crotch can be very different. A single leg goes straight back and goes down. A high crotch is different as you have to circle the leg out and behind to avoid the deeper shot.

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It is also crucial that your head is the point of your defense, if your head is in the way your legs are out of danger. If your head is still high, your legs cannot escape the ongoing attack.

To reinforce what he is drilling, Zach will verbalize the attack coming in. Coaches this is an ample opportunity for you to call out the attack, Single, High! And your wrestlers must respond with the appropriate defense. Like a cardio intensive version of Simon says!

At the end of the day it is all about the mind and the body working together, drills and footwork are some of the key pillars to being a successful wrestler. There has never been a NCAA champion who had two left feet so to speak.

Zach created an instructional unlike any other. Instead of a bunch of moves you need a partner to drill with Zach focused on an area he sees needs improvement at all levels. Footwork and hand coordination.

That is not to say that Zach did not add some fantastic techniques to his instruction, but he builds you up to those techniques opposed to throwing a bunch at you.

Check it out, this is for coaches and wrestlers alike who are looking to improve there game both physically and mentally!

Winning First Contact by Zach Tanelli

Zach goes deep on what it takes to win hand fights. The key is both hand and feet must work together, to create position and opportunity. Check out the instructional, available now!