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Single Leg Defense With Henry Cejudo

Single Leg Defense With Henry Cejudo

Defense is one of the most important aspects of any sports and wrestling is no exception. Being able to stop all of your opponent’s attacks will not only stop them from scoring points and getting a better position but you are also dissuading them from attacking. If you keep defending against any of their attacks, they will not only keep using more energy than you do but it will probably also demoralize them and break them down mentally. Both these things will make it easier for you to set up and actually score your own attacks. 

Being able to defend and escape any attacks that your opponent throws at you will also mean that you can decide when the actual fight takes place. In order to be able to defend against takedowns in a live scenario, whether that be in practice or in competition, you are going to need to drill every defense until it becomes a part of your very DNA. 

With that being said, one of the best wrestlers in both the world of wrestling and in the world of MMA is going to demonstrate a fundamental defense to a single leg that you need to know. 

In this video former two division UFC champion, Olympic gold medalist and greatest combat sports athlete of all time, Triple C Henry Cejudo demonstrates his single leg defense. The single leg is rarely attempted with the intention of actually scoring the takedown in both wrestling and MMA. The thing is that it is still regularly shot because it can lead to some many openings if the attacker secures the position. 


This is why defense against it is so important, as you are going to want to limit your opponent’s options. The first thing is that you want to do is get your leg out from between your opponent’s legs and place it on their quad. You are also going to want to have a tight overhook, what Cejudo calls a raptor overhook, on your opponent. You are going to want to have your head close to your opponent’s as well to help prevent them from pushing in. 

From that position you are going to push up on your opponent’s chin with your free hand to make them stand tall. From there you are going to square up on your opponent. You can’t stay in this position for too long as you are still only on one leg. You are going to need to grab and S grip with your hands and in order to break the grip that your opponent probably has. From there you are going to squeeze your elbows together to help break their grip and kick your leg out to free it. 

Now that you’re free you can disengage or go for a better position in the clinch. If you want to disengage you can frame off your opponent’s head or shoulder to help create distance and keep them from reaching you. 

Gold Medal Wrestling by Henry Cejudo

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