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Single Leg Defense to Counter Throw with Katelyn Jarrell

Single Leg Defense to Counter Throw with Katelyn Jarrell

It’s pretty common knowledge that most wrestlers go for single legs not actually try to complete the takedown. I mean sure, it would be nice if you could land the first takedown you go for but since everyone knows how to defend against a single leg leg well, it’s pretty hard. 

For the most part going for a single leg is just a way to get your hands on your opponent and set up other, more high percentage moves that you have in your arsenal. That’s why it’s important to still learn defenses and counters to single legs, even if they usually aren’t the most dangerous technique, or even the one your opponent really wants to land.

Being able to effectively defend against, and especially counter, the single leg is a great way to stop them from going for the single leg in the first place. This means that one of their biggest weapons has been taken away from them. 

The problem is you might not know any good counters to single legs. Don’t worry because we have one of the best wrestlers and overall grapplers to show you how.

In this video, Katelyn Jarrell shows you how you can counter your opponent’s single leg with a headlock throw. 

Who Is Katelyn Jarrell? 

Katelyn Jarrell is an American wrestler and national Judo competitor. She won a bronze medal in Judo at the Pan American Championships in 2017. She is also a 5-Time US World Judo team member and the youngest person to ever be put on the US Senior National Team for Judo. She is also, at the time of writing, ranked 27th in the world in her weight division for wrestling. 

Single Leg Defense To Headlock Throw 


The video starts off with Katelyn talking about the situation at which you can use this counter. You’re able to go for this counter when your opponent starts to come up from the single leg. What you want to do is bring your opponent up from your overhook that you should get whenever anyone tries to go for a single leg on you. 

Once you’ve pulled your opponent up you can bring the arm you were overhooking with and wrap it over your opponent’s head. What you want is to have the front of your shoulder muscle, specifically the deltoid for those of you that like anatomy, to be hitting the side of your opponent’s head. 

You want this position because it makes sure that there is no space for your opponent to escape from. 

Keep in mind that you really want to have your opponent’s head bent over. This will break their posture by bending their spine, which will put them off balance. This will also give you some hip entry space so you don’t have to drive in as much if you don’t want to. 

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