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Schedule Released For 2019 UWW World Championships

Schedule Released For 2019 UWW World Championships

The schedule has been released for the 2019 Senior Westling World Championship was released this week. Wrestling will begin September 14th in Nur-Sultan, Kazahkstan and tickets will be going on sale later this month. The championships will feature the new two-day format with repechage and medal matches coming the day after the qualification rounds, quarterfinals, and semifinals.


Saturday, September 14
11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (GR 55-63-72-82kg)
18:00-19:30: Semifinals (GR 55-63-72-82kg)

Sunday, September 15
11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (GR 67-87-97kg)
11:00-16:00: Repechage (GR 55-63-72-82kg)
16:45-17:30: Opening Ceremony
18:00-18:45: Semifinals (GR 67-87-97kg)
19:00-22:00: Finals (GR 55-63-72-82kg)

Monday, September 16
11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (GR 60-77-130kg)
11:00-16:00: Repechage (GR 67-87-97kg)
17:00-17:45: Semifinals (GR 60-77-130kg)
18:00-20:30: Finals (GR 67-87-97kg)

Tuesday, September 17
11:00-15:00: Qualification Rounds (WFS 50-53-55-72kg)
11:00-15:00: Repechage (GR 60-77-130kg)
16:45-17:45: Semifinals (WFS 50-53-55-72kg)
18:00-20:30: Finals (GR 60-77-130kg)

Wednesday, September 18
11:00-15:00: Qualification Rounds (WFS 57-59-65-76kg)
11:00-15:00: Repechage (WFS 50-53-55-72kg)
16:45-17:45: Semifinals (WFS 57-59-65-76kg)
18:00-21:00: Finals (WFS 50-53-55-72kg)

Thursday, September 19
11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (WFS 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg)
11:00-16:00: Repechage (WFS 57-59-65-76kg)
16:45-17:45: Semifinals (WFS 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg)
18:00-21:00: Finals (WFS 57-59-65-76kg)

Friday, September 20
11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (FS 70-74-92-125kg)
11:00-16:00: Repechage (WFS 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg)
16:45-17:45: Semifinals (FS 70-74-92-125kg)
18:00-21:00: Finals (WFS 62-68kg // FS 57-65kg)

Saturday, September 21
11:00-16:00: Qualification Rounds (FS 61-79-86-97kg)
11:00-16:00: Repechage (FS 70-74-92-125kg)
16:45-17:45: Semifinals (FS 61-79-86-97kg)
18:00-21:00: Finals (FS 70-74-92-125kg)

Sunday, September 22
15:30-17:30: Repechage (MFS 61-79-86-97kg)
18:00-21:00: Finals (MFS 61-79-86-97kg)