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Saying goodbye to Carlton Haselrig

July 22, 2020

News has come down that Carlton Haselrig has passed away at the age of 54. The 6’1 NFL pro bowler came into the NFL after not playing a single game in college. 

Yet the Steelers knew there was something special about Carlton Haselrig. He has always stepped up to the challenge when it was presented. In his third season as a pro, Herselrig was nominated to the pro bowl in 1992.

This situation of stepping into an unknown competitive arena was not new for Carlton.  While he was in high school he never wrestled a single match until the District Championships his senior year. His high school didn't have a wrestling program but the school petitioned to let him compete.

Surely when the petition was granted no one truly believed he would do well with no experience. Yet instead Carlton went out and dominated.  Going undefeated to the state championship!

After this he went on to the 1985 Greco Roman Junior world championships and won and the following year won the Freestyle junior world championships before heading to college.

To continue Carlton went to a Division II school of Pitt-Johnstown for college. Where he began his legendary Collegiate Career!

Carlton took third his freshman year in Dii NCAA championships. Not a bad start at all for the 6’1 Heavyweight. 

The following season is where Carlton carved his name into wrestling history! You see before 1990 the NCAA allowed Divisions 2 and 3 champions to enter the Division 1’s tournament. 

Again, coming from a Dii school no one believed he would do well against the best Division 1 wrestlers in the country. 

Just to let you know how he did, his Division 1 record is 15-0. In three Div. 1 championships Carlton won all his matches to become not a 3 time champion, but had to be the Champion of Division two just to be there making him a 6 time NCAA Champion.

He is the only NCAA 6 time champion and because of his amazing feet in 1990 the rules changed to disallow a Div 2 or 3 champion coming into the Division 1 tournament. 

Meaning there will never be another chance to go more than 4 times champion again! Does this make Him the best of all time collegiately? 

This is when the Pittsburgh Steelers called and he made a great career as a guard. He made both the pro bowl and first team all pro in 1992.

He ended his NFL Career after the 1993 season. If that would have been the end of hos athletic accomplishments he would still be a legend! 

Yet stopping was never on Carltons mind. 

On May 18th 2008 in Atlantic City NewJersey, Carlton stepped into the EliteXC Cage for hos Second Pro MMA fight. At this point Many consider him to old to be fighting but at 6’1 285lbs he out wrestled his opponent and landed huge bombs! 

Carlton won his fight via TKO! Carlton finished his MMA Career with a record of 3-2. Always being aggressive and using amazing wrestling to boot! 

We Salute and say goodbye to a legend and great Ambassador of our sport. 

We send our condolences to his family and friends!