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Sag Throw From the Body Lock With Pat Smith

Sag Throw From the Body Lock With Pat Smith

Takedowns like the double leg and the single leg are probably the most popular and most notable techniques in wrestling. We probably have the UFC to thank for that. It’s also pretty easy to see why since a solid double leg landing is an incredible thing to watch. Shots are also usually used to open up wrestling matches, so people usually think about them more.

However these are more focused on the lower body. Even if you love wrestling from the outside and shooting in to complete your takedowns, you are going to want to learn some upper body takedowns. Even if you don’t compete in Greco Roman rules, all the moves are still valid, with at most some minor adjustments for freestyle, folkstyle or even in MMA.

It’s very important to be able to work off of ties and body locks. Wrestling from the inside is present in any style, so training it specifically will go a long way to help you out.

That’s why we have one of the best Greco Roman wrestlers active right now to show you a throw you can add to your arsenal.

In this video, Pat Smith goes over how you can go for a sag throw off of a body lock. 

Who Is Pat Smith 

Pat Smith is an American wrestler who is a 2 time  USA Greco Roman world team member and a 6 time USA national team member. He is also a three-time Pan American champion winning the title in 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

Body Lock Sag Throw


The video starts off with Pat going over how your opponent is probably going to react if you first attempt to go for a sag throw off of a body lock. For the most part when you try to go for a sag, your opponent will try to hold you up to prevent the throw. To do this they are probably going to tense up really hard and pull themselves onto their heels to stay up right. 

What you are going to want to do from there is use that energy that they are giving you and you're going to follow it to score a takedown. You’re going to do this using your overhook leg as the anchor point.

First you are going to step in between your opponent's leg for the sag throw. When your opponent tries to step out what you're going to do is put all the weight on your lead leg and drag the opponent down.

Keep in mind that you want to really pin your opponent’s foot with that lead leg, if you don’t then your opponent will be able to step back and save themself. You want to really make your opponent carry all their weight and yours on their hips.

Learn More From Pat Smith 

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