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Reece Humphrey

Reece Humphrey

Reece Humphrey is a former freestyle and folkstyle wrestler who had a fruitful collegiate career competing for Ohio State University while also representing the United States extensively on the international wrestling circuit, including at the World Wrestling Championship. Humphrey is equally praised for his work on the sidelines, as a coach.

Reece Humphrey Wrestling


High School
- 1st Place Indiana State Championship (2002 / 2003 / 2004 / 2005)
- 1st Place Junior Greco Nationals (2005)
- 2nd Place Junior Freestyle Nationals (2005)
- 3rd Place Junior Greco Nationals (2005)

2x All-American Wrestler (2009 / 2010)
- 1st Place 2009 Buffalo and Wolfpack Open (2009)
- 2nd Place NCAA 133 lbs Championship (2009)
- 3rd Place NCAA 133 lbs Championship (2010)
- 2nd Place Big Ten (2009)

- 1st Place US World Team Trials (2011 / 2013 / 2015)
- 1st Place US Open Championship (2011 / 2013 / 2015)
- 1st Place New York AC International Open (2011)
- 2nd Place University World Championships (2008)
- 2nd Place New York AC International Open (2012)
- 2nd Place Granma y Cerro Pelado International (2015)
- 2nd Place Dave Schultz Memorial International (2015)
- 3rd Place Dave Schultz Memorial International (2013)
- 3rd Place University World Championships (2010)
- 3rd Place Ukrainian International Memorial (2016)
- 3rd Place Grand Prix of Paris (2014)
- 3rd Place Phase II World Team Trials (2014)
- 4th Place US World Team Trials (2014)
- 5th Place US Open Championship (2014)

Weight Division: 60 kilograms (international)

Teams (Athlete):
- High School: Lawrence North
- College: Ohio State University (Buckeyes)

Team (Coach):
- New Jersey Regional Training Center (NJRTC)

Reece Humphrey Biography

Reece Humphrey was born on July 31st, 1986, in Bloomington, Indiana - United States, being the son of Jim Humphrey, a former freestyle world silver medal and Ohio State wrestler, who also led the US and Canadian Olympic teams as a coach in the past.

By the time Reece was born, his father had removed himself from wrestling, pursuing a career in the sales industry, as such, young Humphrey was not aware of Jim's grappling past, nor was he pushed or incentivized to train wrestling while growing up.

During Reece's 6th grade, the young Indiana native decided, by his own accord, to give wrestling a try. It was while training that Humphrey slowly realized his father's importance in the sport. Reece's wrestling pedigree quickly shined through the young prodigy, who had a dominant state career through high school, going on to be recruited by the Ohio State Buckeyes, the same singlet his father had represented in the 1970s.

Wrestling for the Buckeyes, Reece reached All-American status on two occasions, later having a fruitful international career while becoming part of the US Team. After his work as an athlete, Reece picked up a coaching career at the New Jersey Regional Training Center (NJRTC).

His work was quickly noted by some of the top American athletes on the East Coast, many of who decided to join Humphrey's workgroup. Among his most well-known students were names such as Pat Downey, Bryce Meredith, Nick Suriano, Tyler Graff, Anthony Ashnault, to name a few.