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Preseeds Announced For SoCon Championship

Preseeds Announced For SoCon Championship

The Southern Conference has announced the preseeds for the 2019 Southern Conference Championship Tournament, which will be held March 10th in Boone, North Carolina. Appalachian State and Campbell the field with 3 top seeds apiece, and will likely vie for the overall team title. The seeds were voted on by conference coaches, each ranking the top grapplers in each division.

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1. Alonzo Allen, Chattanooga
2. Korbin Meink, Campbell
3. DeAndre Swinson-Barr, Appalachian State
4. Derek Shockey, VMI

1. Noah Gosner, Campbell
2. Codi Russell, Appalachian State
3. Kyle Gorant, Davidson
4. Brandon Bright, Gardner-Webb
5. Jake Huffine, Chattanooga
6. Charles Kearney, The Citadel
7. Cliff Conway, VMI

1. Chris Debien, Chattanooga
2. Nathan Boston, Campbell
3. Irvin Enriquez, Appalachian State
4. Dom Gallo, VMI
5. Blake Mulkey, Gardner-Webb
6. Caleb Zibell, Davidson

1. Joshua Heil, Campbell
2. Matthew Zovistoski, Appalachian State
3. Tanner Smith, Chattanooga
4. Selwyn Porter, The Citadel
5. Will Baldwin, Davidson
6. Chase McKinney, Gardner-Webb
7. Zach Schmitt, VMI

1. Benjamin Barton, Campbell
2. Rian Burris, The Citadel
3. Tanner Smith, Chattanooga
4. Angel Najar, Appalachian State
5. Evan Schenk, Gardner-Webb
6. Tony Palumbo, Davidson
7. Darren Ostrander, VMI

1. Tyler Marinelli, Gardner-Webb
2. Michael Elliott, Appalachian State
3. Drew Nicholson, Chattanooga
4. Dazjon Casto, The Citadel
5. Cameron Pine, Campbell
6. Hunter Costa, Davidson
7. Luke Niksic, VMI

1. Neal Richards, VMI
2. Andrew Morgan, Campbell
3. Thomas Flitz, Appalachian State
4. Kyle Homet, Gardner-Webb
5. Hunter Fortner, Chattanooga
6. Noah Satterfield, Davidson
7. Kyle Kretzer, The Citadel

1. Alan Clothier, Appalachian State
2. Chris Kober, Campbell
3. Dominic Lampe, Chattanooga
4. Conor Fenn, Davidson
5. Max Gallahan, VMI
6. Martin Duane, The Citadel
7. Christian Salter, Gardner-Webb

1. Randall Diabe, Appalachian State
2. Sawyer Root, The Citadel
3. Anthony Perrine, Gardner-Webb
4. Rod Jones, Chattanooga
5. Austin McNeil, Campbell
6. Chris Beck, VMI
7. Finaly Holston, Davidson

1. Cary Miller, Appalachian State
2. Connor Tolley, Chattanooga
3. Odgerel Batkhishig, Campbell
4. Michael McAleavey, The Citadel
5. Trey Momon, VMI
6. Jack Trautman, Gardner-Webb

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