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Precision Tactics With Steve Mocco

Precision Tactics With Steve Mocco


Steve Mocco is considered one of the most intimidating wrestlers of all-time. On top of having a brutal, non-stop style, one of his trademark techniques was the foot sweep. This led to a career of tugging on collar ties and switching into foot sweeps, a lot of butts were hitting the floor. He even hit his trademark foot sweep in the finals of the 2005 NCAA national championship...in the finals….during overtime! It’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about being precise with his foot sweep. 

Post wrestling career, Steve keeps busy as a wrestling coach at American Top Team. Recently he even lent a hand to BJJ’s biggest star Gordon Ryan. To round out his schedule Steve found time to shoot an instructional with Fanatic Wrestling! Precision Foot Sweeps is of course dedicated to Steve’s trademark technique, but also complementary techniques that give you plenty of options of attack. 

Let’s take a look at this doozy of a foot sweep that will leave your opponent face planted into the mat if they aren’t ready to base out! Check out this technique from Precision Foot Sweeps!


Steve emphasizes making your opponent worried. Like we said he has an intimidating in-your-face style that keeps your opponent guessing. This particular foot sweep is one of the last in the line of Steve’s preferred attacks, but it might be the most devastating. Precision Foot Sweeps gives you a tactical game plan to follow that is designed to make your opponent react in a way that you are already prepared for. 

 Precision Foot Sweeps has a section dedicated to drills to increase your foot sweep prowess. This helps you be prepared for how your opponent reacts, and leave you in position to attack! Steve made a career from getting smooth at these drills!

The collar tie plays a major role in this technique. A great way to make your opponent worried is to have a good collar tie that is constantly affecting their posture. By consistently yanking your opponents head down they will have to adjust their feet to pull their head up. Becoming in tune with how and when your opponent will react is the key to becoming a foot sweeping juggernaut. 

Work your timing with Steve’s foot sweep drills! Click Learn More!



Once you have that timing down you can start to effectively BOOT out your opponent’s support leg. As Steve points out that sometimes if you catch it just right you're going to knock your opponent down. However, sometimes as the leg kicks out they will start to fall forward instead. This is in part happening because of what Mocco is doing with his collar tie. He explains that as you kick the leg out you need to pull their head towards where their foot was. 

Keep in mind that with foot sweeps you aren’t attached to your opponent like a double leg. This means you need to cover some distance to get to your opponent. This aggressive closing the distance was a distinct feature of Mocco’s career. 

Let’s check out another Mocco approved technique!


If your opponent starts to collar tie on you because last match you tooled them with Mocco’s magical foot sweep, now you can counter it with a slide by into a 2-on-1 grip. The 2-on-1 gives you immense control over your opponent’s body and only allows for several options to react. 

Once you have the grips it's important to keep the arm tight to your chest to allow the leverage needed to make your opponent lean forward. Mocco steps inside with his hip and back steps to fully put himself in position for the uchi mata.With all of the necessary parts in place you will be able to reap the leg with little issue. If the leg feels extra heavy there is a good chance that something is off. The back step that Steve does gets him close enough to balance on one leg, which is essential because the other leg is reaping your opponent’s leg. 

Since your opponent will have a free hand to place on the mat you will need to get to work immediately after their hand hits the floor. Steve immediately uses his near hand to secure the far hip or ankle. He covers these tactics in great length in  Precision Foot Sweeps.

Precision Foot Sweeps by Steve Mocco
Take your takedown game to another level with  Precision Foot Sweeps. Steve provides an easy to follow system that will keep your opponent guessing and keep you attacking. Get after it with one of wrestling’s most intense wrestlers, Steve Mocco! Find your foot sweeps and more with  Precision Foot Sweeps!