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Precision Single Leg Attacks With Joey McKenna

Precision Single Leg Attacks With Joey McKenna


If you happen to hear some people talking, and you hear “Sniper single head wheel,” you may think that they’re talking about some kind of Navy Seal Training. That’s not the case, though. This is the name for a way to finish a single leg shot. 

In wrestling, there are always the moves that you prioritize that you prefer to hit. This is probably because of the risk to reward ratio, ability to find yourself in the position for it, or any other reason. However, one thing that separates good wrestlers from great ones is that great wrestlers can effectively deviate from those preferred moves.

You have to be well educated on all types of moves. Even if you never find yourself in the position to be able to do one, knowing about certain moves can give you the edge over your opponent. It’s the more specific moves like these that can really put a wrestler on the next level. 

A wrestler can end up in the perfect position to hit a move, but if they don’t know the move, that opportunity is wasted. Knowing moves that can only happen in one specific situation will still help. It is easy to find yourself in lots of weird positions while in a match, so do yourself the favor of knowing what to do in as many of those as possible. 

An example of this would be the sniper single head wheel finish to a single leg shot. The positioning that is required for you to work the move doesn’t necessarily happen a lot, but if it does, this move is great. 

But what is a great move without a great teacher? That is why The Sniper Scoring System: Wrestling with Precision, Joey McKenna’s video package in which he teaches this single leg finish, is the whole package. There is tons of great content taught by one of the best wrestlers out there. Joey McKenna was a three time NCAA All American, four time Conference Champion (twice in the Pac-12; twice in the Big Ten), and US Open Champion. 

To have that much success at such a high level, McKenna took pride in every little thing when it came to wrestling. That means even these obscure positions and moves like the sniper single head wheel finish. Put yourself on a path to success by taking pride in those small things. In doing so, take this lesson from McKenna on this single leg finish. Check out this clip!



So as you see McKenna do in this video, you start out by taking a single leg. When you start to turn the corner around the guy’s leg, you now get the feel for if this is going to be the situation to try this move. The only situation that this move will work in is if your opponent is sprawling so hard that his hand goes to the mat. Once that happens, you’re good to go.

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When you take your shot, your shot side arm is going to be posted to the mat. This shouldn’t be a new concept. However, when you see that your opponent has his hand on the mat, your other arm is going to be doing the work. If your opponent’s hand is on the mat, that means that there is weight on it and that he is using it for balance. You’re going to take advantage of that. Your non shot side arm is going to come apart from your other. When you do that, grab the arm that your guy has on the mat. Make sure you grab as high up as possible to give yourself the best leverage. 

Now that you have that arm under control, you can tuck it close into your side by pinching your elbow in. This will keep your opponent from being able to escape, and it will make it much easier to roll him over in the next part of the move. 

As you pull that arm in, you are going to be switching your knees. Up until this point, you have been in your regular shot positioning, with your shot side knee down and the knee of your back leg up. As you pull in your opponent’s arm, you switch. This puts your back knee down and your shot knee up. This makes it to where you are pulling his arm down to the same spot where your back knee is on the mat. 

To carry on the momentum from that pulling and switching and to finish the move, you have to circle your feet towards your opponent. This puts you in a position where you are perpendicular, or “tee’d out,” from your opponent, which is a great place to be. The more you run your feet, the more of his back is going to be exposed to the mat.

With his back almost already flat on the mat, all you do is pop your head up. At that point you are chest to chest, and there is a plethora of simple finishes that you can choose from. The match is in your hands, and you can very easily be seconds away from having the ref raise your hand.

So as you can see, McKenna is a great teacher that knows some great things. This combination of greatness can be directly translated to your game if you check out the rest of what McKenna offers. In The Sniper Scoring System: Wrestling with Precision, McKenna shows you how to master the basics, finish your takedowns, and solidify your technique during almost any exchange. For a limited time get this for under half price! Act fast and you’ll get these discounted tips and tricks that are sure to turn you into a whole new wrestler!

The Sniper Scoring System by Joey McKenna

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