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Pre-Seeds Released For 2019 Big 12 Tournament

Pre-Seeds Released For 2019 Big 12 Tournament

 The Big 10 conference has announced the preseeds for the 2019 Conference Championship Tournament, which will be held March 9th and 10th. Oklahoma State leads the field with 6 top seeds, and four other schools all share a 1 seed at another weight class. The seeds were voted on by conference coaches, each ranking the top grapplers in each division. Ten wrestlers in the field have won AA honors before, but the field features no former NCAA champions.

125 Pounds

  1. Nick Piccininni, Oklahoma State
  2. Brent Fleetwood, North Dakota State
  3. Jay Schwarm, Northern Iowa
  4. Rico Montoya, Northern Colorado
  5. Alex Mackall, Iowa State
  6. Cole Verner, Wyoming
  7. Christian Moody, Oklahoma
  8. Sidney Flores, Air Force

133 Pounds

  1. Daton Fix, Oklahoma State
  2. Austin Gomez, Iowa State
  3. Montorie Bridges, Wyoming
  4. Matt Schmitt, West Virginia
  5. Cam Sykora, North Dakota State
  6. Anthony Madrigal, Oklahoma
  7. John Twomey, Air Force
  8. Gary Joint Fresno State

141 Pounds

  1. Josh Alber, Northern Iowa
  2. Ian Parker, Iowa State
  3. Dom Demas, Oklahoma
  4. Matt Findlay, Utah Valley
  5. Kaid Brock, Oklahoma State
  6. Sam Turner, Wyoming
  7. Garrett O'Shea Air Force
  8. Chris DeLoza, Fresno State

149 Pounds

  1. Kaden Gfeller, Oklahoma State
  2. Max Thomsen, Northern Iowa
  3. Jarrett Degen, Iowa State
  4. Christian Monserrat, West Virginia
  5. Khristian Olivas, Fresno State
  6. Davion Jeffries, Oklahoma
  7. Henry Pohlmeyer, South Dakota State
  8. Jaden Van Maanen, North Dakota State

157 Pounds

  1. Justin Thomas, Oklahoma
  2. Jacob Wright, Fresno State
  3. Chase Straw, Iowa State
  4. Wyatt Sheets, Oklahoma State
  5. Luke Weber, North Dakota State
  6. Dewey Krueger, Wyoming
  7. Alex Mossing, Air Force
  8. Colten Carlson, South Dakota State


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    165 Pounds

    1. Branson Ashworth, Wyoming
    2. Demetrius Romero, Utah Valley
    3. Chandler Rogers, Oklahoma State
    4. Bryce Steiert, Northern Iowa
    5. Nick Kiussis, West Virginia
    6. Andrew Fogarty, North Dakota State
    7. Isaiah Hokit, Fresno State
    8. Jeremy Thomas, Oklahoma

    174 Pounds

    1. Jacobe Smith, Oklahoma State
    2. Kimball Bastian, Utah Valley
    3. Taylor Lujan, Northern Iowa
    4. Marcus Coleman, Iowa State
    5. Hayden Hastings, Wyoming
    6. Lorenzo de la Riva, North Dakota State
    7. Anthony Mantanona, Oklahoma
    8. Dominic Kincaid, Fresno State

    184 Pounds

    1. Sam Colbray, Iowa State
    2. Drew Foster, Northern Iowa
    3. Dakota Geer, Oklahoma State
    4. Tate Samuelson, Wyoming
    5. Jackson Hemauer, Fresno State
    6. Will Sumner, Utah Valley
    7. Zach Carlson, South Dakota State
    8. Kayne MacCallum, Oklahoma

    197 Pounds

    1. Preston Weigel, Oklahoma State
    2. Willie Miklus, Iowa State
    3. Josh Hokit, Fresno State
    4. Tanner Orndorff, Utah Valley
    5. Jake Woodley, Oklahoma
    6. Noah Adams, West Virginia
    7. Jacob Seely, Northern Colorado
    8. Cale Davidson, Wyoming

    285 Pounds

    1. Derek White, Oklahoma State
    2. AJ Nevills, Fresno State
    3. Gannon Gremmel, Iowa State
    4. Tate Orndorff, Utah Valley
    5. Brian Andrew, Wyoming
    6. Carter Isley, Northern Iowa
    7. Brandon Ngati, West Virginia
    8. Kayne Hutchinson, Air Force

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