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Overtie Overhaul Pt. 2 With Ben Askren

Overtie Overhaul Pt. 2 With Ben Askren


Recently we took a look at some of Askren’s ideas for the overtie. Today we are going to continue to add to our overtie tool kit. If you are looking for a more comprehensive breakdown of Askren’s wrestling tactics check out Ultimate Askren Wrestling. 

If you recall there was a major concept that needed to be achieved for basically all of Askren’s overtie set ups. That concept is controlling your opponent’s posture. This is a concept that pops up all over. If you can successfully control your opponent’s head you will not only make it harder for them to muster much offense, you will instantly increase how effective your takedowns are going to be. 

Let’s take a look at MORE overtie strategies with Ben Askren!


Last time we looked at the overtie we left off with Askren’s slide by technique. Once again posture control is a must to pull off overtie techniques. Askren controls the posture by using the overtie to pull his opponent’s head in to a pocket he creates with some shoulder movement. 

The slide by is best performed when pressure is applied. Pushing into your opponent will encourage them to push back. This is the perfect opportunity to hit the slide by. 

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As soon as Askren hits the slide by he leaves his opponent with a tough choice. Either they can concede and give up two points, or the more likely option they will turn back towards you. Maintaining contact during the slide by will leave you in the right space to execute. In this situation Askren opts to immediately level changes into a blast double. 


This beauty of a technique is made possible once again with Askren’s slide by from the overtie. After executing the slide by your opponent once again faces the dilemma of giving up points or try to reset. This reset involves them turning back towards you in reaction to the slide by. It’s during this reset that the foot sweep will find its home. 

Askren maintains head control while his opponent attempts to reset. As his opponent’s leg lifts to turn, Askren is immediately sweeping it from underneath them. This is where controlling the head is essential. The grip around the neck will allow you to pull your opponent’s weight in the opposite direction of the foot sweep. 

Like any skill, you must drill it to a point that it becomes second nature. Take note of how Ben is smoothly transitioning through each technique. Let’s be honest it’s gonna take thousands of reps to become that smooth. Smart and efficient practice is essential if you want to upgrade your skills. On top of top-tier tactics, Ultimate Askren Wrestling shows you how to practice and drill to become the best version of yourself!


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