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Overtie Low Double Leg With Logan Stieber

Overtie Low Double Leg With Logan Stieber


It is always good to learn and drill new takedowns from different positions. One very common position that wrestlers get in all the time is a collar tie. There are a lot of different ways to clear a collar tie off, but in this video, four time NCAA champion Logan Stieber shows a low double leg without clearing the collar tie using an overtie. 

This takedown and set up are great because every wrestler gets collar tied at some point during a match and generally, when someone has a collar tie, they do not feel like they are in danger of being shot on, so their guard is down a little making them more susceptible to getting scored on.

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When your opponent locks onto the collar tie, go over it and lock on to a collar tie on the same side and pull them in tight. This will take away some of the power of their collar tie. Then grab the wrist with the other hand. 

Once you have everything locked up, start getting your opponent to circle. Pay attention to the way that Stieber gets his opponent to circle then step. When they plant their foot on the mat, lower your level and shoot. 

The shot that Stieber shows is sort of a hybrid between a double leg and a low single. He attacks the near leg behind the heel and the other leg at the knee. 

This is a great attack from a very common position. Be sure to drill this move in practice to get the feeling of being in the overtie position. Just be aware, that when someone has a collar tie on you, they have inside control which means they have the advantage in position. To take away the advantage, you must keep pressure on with the overtie and move them around. 

Logan Stieber is one of the greatest college wrestlers of all times. If you want to learn more wrestling technique from him be sure to check out his video series titled “The Armbar Blueprint by Logan Stieber”.