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Options Options Options With Myles Martin

To be successful in wrestling you need more than one attack. You need a Plan A, Plan B, C, D E …ETC. If you think that if Plan A is a single leg, and backing out Plan B is a double leg, First it is going to be a long day on the mat. Second you stink at planning.

When you hear the term “Chain Wrestling” this is not doing a bunch of random moves in a scramble. It is more creating a system of similar moves off the same entry and set up. Shooting a Single leg, He gets a under hook and you wrap the leg for a near side trip, or if they grabs a front headlock immediately sitting out and turning the corner.

The ability to have a tool for whatever situation happens while attacking is what will separate the the good from the great. The first time a wrestler steps into a region and no one knows their style can be the most difficult. You have no idea what their 1,2,3 top attacks and counters are. It becomes nearly impossible to tell what is a actual attack and what is a set up or feint attack.

These chains and setups don’t just come overnight. They are often developed by the wrestler depending on body shape, weight and style they like to wrestle. To be great on the mat takes unwavering dedication to honing the craft. Hours of drilling. When watching Scholastic wrestling, it is obvious what is different between wrestlers who have been drilling their chains and wrestlers that just go to practice.

“Drillers are killers” is a saying for a reason. The basics are always good, but basic attacks only require basic defense. Take a High Crotch for example. Very common attack off what is referred to as the “Swim”.

The Swim (move) is a overhand tie on the lead leg side. As you change levels you pull that overhand tie and begin to step in for deep penetration with the back leg. That swim arm throws the other wrestlers arm over your had buying you time for your other arm to enter into the Hi-C position.

Very common, Very Effective, and Very simple to defend. When the other wrestler feels the swim and sees the level change they can just step back with that front leg and down block on that side. If the attacking wrestlers continue, they will give up a under hook and position.

Yet what if we use this common attack as a setup. A slight misdirection, so we can attack the back leg (which will now be the front leg thanks to their defense).

Out of 15 redshirt freshman to win a NCAA Div I title Myles Martin has to be the most clever to have done it. When he stepped into his freshman season no one had any idea who he was. He used that to his advantage. Using misdirection to force the position he wanted to really attack from.

To show you what I mean, Myles has outlined how to set up the Swim Hi-C to create the reaction so he can attack the back leg.


As an Editor’s note, slow that video down and pay close attention to Myles Posture. His chest is never past his knee keeping his frame strong in the event his opponent tries to sprawl. This posture also allows him to shift his weight and direction more quickly.

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Now Myles keeps his head inside using his back leg to swing him around to capture the single leg position. Again, Myles shows his diversity and planning in this single position. If he is quick enough he can drive forward with his head and come into and standard single. Or if they attempt to flee or turn away he options to the low single with a shoelace grip and post approach.

Using both of the single leg variations it will land Myles back into a high lift, front trip position. This allows Myles to drill that one finish from several options. Having the confidence to finish from that position whenever he comes to it must be comforting. As they say “Don’t fear the man who has learned 100 moves but drilled them once. Fear the man who has one move drilled 100 times.”

If you are looking to add more options into your wrestling, or simply trying to figure out new setups to get into scoring positions, Myles has an instructional that can help. Being a four time All American, and a NCAA Champion, Myles understands what high level wrestling needs to be.

His instructional is all Killer no Filler. Myles get’s right to the point. Offers common reactions to attacks and how to turn those reactions into opportunities. Do not get it misunderstood, If you are a amazing wrestler you might be able to pull off these setups in a match after watching them. What most of us should be doing is taking these setups into the practice room and working them.

Remember Misdirection is like table top Magic. It only works if the person watching believes it. So take these tips, tricks and setups and make a believer out of your opponent!

Modern Misdirection Attacks by Myles Martin

Myles Martin’s Instructional can be found HERE!