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Nick Heflin

Nick Heflin

Nick Heflin is a former collegiate wrestler for the Ohio State University Buckeyes team (OSU) and an NCAA Division 1 runner-up (2014) as well as a podium placer in the USA World Olympic Trials (2016). After retiring from competition Heflin remained involved in the sport, developing a successful coaching career working with important teams such as the Oklahoma State University Cowboys.

Nick Heflin Wrestling


High School
- 1st Place Ohio State Championship (2009)
- 2nd Place Ohio State Championship (2008)

- 1st Place Big 10 Championship (2012)
- 2nd Place NCAA D1 Championship (2014)
- 2nd Place Big 10 Championship (2011)
- 5th Place NCAA D1 Championship (2012)

- 3rd Place USA World Olympic Trials (2016)
- 3rd Place USA World Team Trials (2017)
- 3rd Place US Open (2017)
- 5th University Nationals (2011)

Weight Division: 197 lbs (college)

- Massillon Perry High (athlete)
- Ohio State University (athlete)
Princeton University (coach)
Oklahoma State University (coach)

Nick Heflin Biography

Nick Heflin was born in Georgia, though he moved to Ohio at a young age where he spent his formative years.

A natural-born athlete, Heflin played a number of sports while growing up, being particularly proficient at baseball, which he played up until his sophomore year of high school.

As a pre-adolescent, Nick was particularly zestful. This lively demeanor propelled Heflin's mother to sign him up for wrestling practice, which Heflin started during 6th grade. Although this was not an early start for a top-tier wrestler, Heflin was supported by a great coaching staff, particularly Dave Riggs and Brent McBurney, two key figures in Nick's development.

The high level of training and coaching Nick experienced at Massillon Perry High School helped shape the young athlete into OSU's wrestling level, one of the most highly regarded college wrestling programs in North America.

Under the tutelage of coaches Lou Rosselli and Ross Thatcher, Nick went on to play for the Ohio State University with whom he earned a runner-up placement at the NCAA Championship in 2014.

Shortly after finishing his degree, Heflin was offered a coaching opportunity as an assistant coach at Princeton University with Ayres and Dubuque. From Princeton Nick moved to another American grappling institution, Oklahoma's Cowboys with his former mentor, Lou Rosselli.

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