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Next Level Defense With Dan Vallimont

Next Level Defense With Dan Vallimont


Fine Tune Your Fundamental Defense!

Countering common attacks in a way that doesn’t leave you vulnerable for a counter attack can be tricky. Good wrestlers are always “throwing punches in bunches” meaning that they aren’t just attempting one tactic at a time. Usually the first technique has several follow up options. That is if you can’t stifle the initial attack outright. This is where Dan Vallimont comes in!

Dan has added to his instructional catalogue over at Fanatic Wrestling with his newest release Next Level Defensive Fundamentals! One goal the instructional strives to achieve is give you a strong defensive gameplan to prepare you for the most common attacks in wrestling. Check out Dan’s defense to the single leg with his 2 on 1 roll through!


Part 1 of Next Level Defensive Fundamentals is dedicated to defending the single leg. Many people refer to the single leg as one of the most efficient and effective takedowns in the game. In this demo the initial defenses that Dan has thrown up have been countered. Down but never out, Dan utilizes a 2 on 1 to even the odds!

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Once his training partner gets the corner on him with the single leg, Dan immediately puts a whizzer in. His near arm is working hard on the whizzer while his other hand secures the inside wrist on his partner. This control over the inside wrist limits the finishing options of his partner, like switching his inside hand to the far ankle in an attempt to run Dan over. 

With this control on the arms of his partner, Dan can now turn his trapped leg into a tool that will help elevate his partner’s weight during the roll through. Keep in mind when defending the single leg you will strive to keep your knees apart. When switching gears for the roll through it’s important to remember not to leave this leg trailing behind you. 

After rolling through you might as well expect a scramble. Dan releases his whizzer and posts on the mat to allow him to get up quicker than his partner. Another tip that Vallimont provides is to hook your partner’s near leg with your foot. This ensures some attachment to your partner as the scramble to their stomach. In a match situation you get full-tilt intensity, so it’s best to be prepared for some explosive movements in reaction to being rolled over with the 2 on 1 roll through. 

This is just a small glimpse into Next Level Defensive Fundamentals. Dan has a knack for uncovering key details that make a huge difference in the competitive setting. The tip about elevating the leg after rolling through is just one small example that can make a BIG difference. 

Next Level Defensive Fundamentals by Dan Vallimont
Next Level Defensive Fundamentals is a 3-part system that will give you a more complete understanding of defensive mechanics that keep you in the match. High percentage techniques like the single leg can lead to your downfall. Dan takes your defense to the next level with concise concepts that you can add to your game TODAY!