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Massive Wrestling Throw with Reece "Highlight" Humphrey

Massive Wrestling Throw with Reece "Highlight" Humphrey

Everyone loves to see a good solid throw in wrestling. Takedowns are also great but they are a bit more common, especially in freestyle. However a good solid throw, especially ones that get your opponent in the air for a good amount of time, are things of beauty. 

While some people who are just watching wrestling might not be able to understand the significance of landing a solid takedown like a single leg, this is not the case for throws. Even a person who is just learning about what wrestling is for the first time.

So if you want to be a crowd pleaser on top of being a solid wrestler, then you are going to want to watch this next technique breakdown.

In this video, we have Reece “Highlight” Humphrey to show us one of his favorite upper body wrestling throws that's basically guaranteed to get a pop from everyone watching. 

Who Is Reece “Highlight” Humphrey 

Reece Humphrey is an american freestyle wrestler. Reece is a three time US open champion and he’s a three time world team member. Reece has also won national championships in both freestyle and Greco Roman wrestling. Now that he has retired from competition, Reece has become a coach teaching his craft to a new generation of wrestlers. 

Massive Upper Body Wrestling Throw 


This video focuses on a technique that Reece affectionately calls the Humpnasty. Obviously, Reece decided to name this technique after himself. THe move is a duck under where you end up blocking your opponent's lead leg. 

What you want to do to start off by getting your opponent to reach out their rear hand to you. That’s when you’ll go for your duck in. Remember to keep good posture while you’re doing this, back straight and hips locked in. 

You also want to get what was your lead hand to cover your opponent's lead hand. You then want to move that arm into an overhook as you step in for a two step duck under. At the same time that you grab the overhook you are going to want to reach under your opponent’s hips and block the leg. 

From there you are just going to turn to your lead side and sit back to complete the huge throw. 

If you want to stop your opponent from stepping out you are going to need to be a bit sneaky. When you’re about to go for your second duck under step, you are going to want to press up with your head and shoulder and get the leg that you’re second stepping with behind your opponent. 

Doing this will create a T with your foot and your opponent’s. This will also help make your leg a table \that you can send your opponent over. 

Learn More From Reece “Highlight” Humphrey

Highlight Reel Upper Body Takedowns and Throws by Reece Humphrey

If you like this upper body throw breakdown and want to learn more from Reece “Highlight” Humphrey then you should check out his complete video series “Highlight Reel Upper Body Takedowns and Throws by Reece Humphrey” available exclusively on Fanatic Wrestling!