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Make Your Quadpod More Effective With The Askren Brothers

Make Your Quadpod More Effective With The Askren Brothers

 NCAA Division I Title Holding Bros Fix Your Quadpod

 In freestyle wrestling, the quadpod position can be a hotly contested position and one's success in this position can decide the fate of an entire match.  Check out the video below where Ben Askren breaks down the importance of the quadpod as his number one escape tool and also the most used in his opinion.  He will also show a few different ways to enter into the position in a safe manner to prevent the opponent from achieving any offense while you're in the position.

 In the next video, excerpted from the Ultimate Askren series, brothers Max and Ben show a number of tips to help improve the use of the quadpod position for both defense and offense.  Check it out below!

If you want more from the Askren brothers, look no further than Ultimate Askren, their complete series available from Fanatic Wrestling.  You will learn all of the secrets from this ultra-successful wrestling family.  You can get your copy here!