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Low Single Defense With Domenic Abounader

Low Single Defense With Domenic Abounader

While training defense might not be as fun or as sexy as training offense, it’s absolutely vital if you want to get anywhere, in pretty much any combat sport and wrestling is no exception. The ability to make sure that you're still safe while your opponent is trying their hardest to throw everything, including the kitchen sink at you is important. 

Having a solid defense means that you have the ability to choose when you actually can fight, because unless you want to fight, you aren’t going to let them even get the chance to be offensive. 

Having a strong defense is also a good way to break your opponent's morale. If your opponent uses all their moves on you, but they aren’t working, your opponent is going to start to second guess themselves really fast. 

So to help you train your defense, in this video we have Domenic Abounader go over one of his favorite low single leg defenses.

Who Is Domenic Abounader? 

Domenic Abounader is an All-American wrestler who currently competes for the country of Lebanon. In his first international tournament, he won a silver medal at the 2018 Asian Games, the first medalist for Lebanon in wrestling.

Low Single Defense 


The video starts off with Domenic having his partner grab onto a low single leg on him. From here, Domenic bends the knee of the leg that’s being grabbed past his opponent’s shoulder. You don’t want the knee to be on your opponent’s traps or their shoulder because that will cut off what you want to do for this defense. 

You want to bend your knee so far so that you can put it on the floor past your opponent’s arm. Doing this will let you windshield wiper so that you can clear your legs from your opponent's arms. You almost want to think of the movement to be kind of like a drop step. 

The good thing about this escape is that it cuts off the shoulder’s range of motion, so that they can’t catch you as you windshield wiper out. Once you get the knee to the mat, the windshield wiper is all yours. This way you can safely take the back of your opponent. 

Make sure that you get your reps in by drilling this technique. Doing enough reps during drilling will make sure that you won’t even have to think about actually going for this defense when someone goes for a low single on you, it will just happen. 

As Domenic says in the video, a lot of low single defense is just up to reaction, so you want to make sure that you have the muscle memory to go from zero to 100 when you need to. 

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