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Load Up On Defense With Victory Avery

Load Up On Defense With Victory Avery


We’ve been covering defense a lot lately. While it is always ideal to be the one doing the attacking during a match, eventually you will run into someone that puts you in trouble. This is why drilling from specific positions may be the best way to drill specific defenses. 

If no one in the practice room can get in on a single leg that’s great, but when you go to a competition someone WILL get in on that leg. Even if many of your teammates can’t get a good shot off, every once in a while, you should let them. By getting put into bad spots you can start to get comfortable dealing with them.

Shutdown Defense By Victor Avery provides the game plan on what to do in wrestling toughest to defend positions. As many of you can attest, wrestlers are relentless takedown machines. Even if you have a good initial defense, you might have to defend the next 4 techniques in rapid fire succession. 

The popup single leg is a perfect example of this. This is probably the third technique in a chain that will lift you off of the mat. So what can you do then? Knowing is half the battle, and with Shutdown Defense you will have the road map. 


An important circumstance to understand with this technique is that Victor’s partner is SOLD OUT on the pop up single. In order for the leg squeeze to be effective Vic’s partner needs to be solely looking for the popup single. If they are driving forward still, squeezing and bringing your knees will get you driven over. If/When your partner changes between lifting up and driving forward you need to make the necessary adjustments. 

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Once Vic defends the popup he is now in position to look for a go-behind. Instead of the classic version that requires you to use your arm, Vic opts to use his knee to block his partner’s rotation as he slips around to the back. Little details like this can lead to more successful situations unfolding for you and Shutdown Defense is full of them. 

But what if your first defense to the popup single fails? Vic has you covered!


One key factor in the popup single’s execution is isolating a leg to be able to finish the takedown. Vic’s first strategy is to use this information to his advantage. He points out that the key to scrambling is to get to the next position first. While popped-up Vic circles his hands towards the trapped leg. Once he gets perpendicular he can take his free leg to the lower part of his partner’s body as his top leg goes high. As Vic sits through he scissors his legs to sweep his partner over. 

Anticipation is key. If your initial defense of pulling your knees in tight fails, be ready to switch as you are elevated. By staying one step ahead you may be able to pull of a slick technique like the leg scissor next time you get propped into the air! 

Shutdown Defense by Victor Avery
Regardless of how slick and tactical you are, eventually someone is going to get in on a superb shot. Will you have the skills to defend? With Shutdown Defense By Victor Avery you will have the gritty details and a go-to gameplan. Double up your Defense TODAY!