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Learn This Tilt To Get Easy Back Points

Learn This Tilt To Get Easy Back Points

Mike Letts Is Back At It…

As a spectator of wrestling it can be amazing at how the match can change once it hits the mat. While the options are limitless, often times when someone is taken down their number one concern is to not get put to their back. On the feet, some misdirection can be used to trick and trap you opponent allowing you to secure the takedown. While the opponent is flattened out to avoid back points the game changes to a grinding game of inches. 

So what should you do? Well if you are a monster on your feet, letting the opponent back to their feet is an option. What if you could manipulate their defensive position to earn yourself some quick points? If the answer is Yes, take 3 minutes to add this tool to the tool kit! Check it out. 


Quick, simple techniques are great because there isn’t much that could go wrong. With this tilt you are relatively safe from counters as long as you mind a couple of key details. Obtaining the one on one can be the first trap. If you let your weight come off of your opponent’s back while you gain the wrist there is a chance they could trap your hand and reverse you with a Peterson Roll. Maintaining HEAVY pressure throughout the technique is crucial in the success factor of this tilt. 

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Timing is also important here. Once Mike has his one on one he starts to shift to the other side of his opponent’s body to help get them to their back. This is where the opponent starts to defend by moving their hips towards Mike. This will help keep their body on top of the gripped arm. In this moment is where Letts decides to go for the Tilt. As he does he takes a big step over his opponent’s hips and immediately grabs an underhook. This Underhook will help turn his opponent’s torso. 

While it may not be the most secure hold where you are going to stick your opponent flat for the pin, this “cheap tilt” is a surefire way to land a 2-count and some back points for your effort. Another aspect to consider is how much stamina this is going to sap from your opponent. While you are on top you should emphasize proper body placement. If you are minding where your weight is and making your opponent carry it, eventually you should pull ahead!

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