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Learn This Quick Cradle To Win Your Next Match

Learn This Quick Cradle To Win Your Next Match

Tony Ramos has a quick tip for you!

Tony Ramos knows a thing or two about working your way to a finish. The former Iowa standout has been keeping busy in the wrestling world by dedicating his time to making top-tier isntructionals. His most recent release with Fanaticwrestling.com is titled Winning With Front Headlocks And Leg Attacks. 

As a kid you probably remember doing spin drills until you were dizzy. There is a good reason for this, the go behind is something wrestlers use throughout their career. When you can stuff a shot you are rewarded with the opportunity to try and spin to your opponent’s back. This skill proves useful in other areas of combat as well, like MMA. 

In a strictly wrestling sense it also provides the opportunity to lock up a match-ending cradle! Take ONE minute and check out this quick video with Tony Ramos showing the Go Behind Cradle. 


In the very first part of Winning With Front Headlocks And Leg Attacks, Tony covers the use of front head locks and short offense. Capitalizing on a strong defense can payoff bigtime in terms of on the mat success. Anytime you can shutdown a takedown attempt is a good thing, but it’s even better if you can attack directly off of defending. Ramos does that here with his go behind cradle. 

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With this specific go behind it is coming off of a snap-down. Ramos recommends practicing a new skill by having your partner start on their knees with their hands on your shoulders. This is especially effective if you are teaching youth wrestlers. Once Tony hits his snapdown he immediately locks on a front headlock. 

From here he immediately starts to circle around his partner. This will start to cause his partner’s body to fold into the shape of a “C”. This makes it possible for you to link your hands for the cradle. Once the hands are locked you can work towards flattening your partner out. 

Flattening your opponent for the pin is tricky, but Ramos has some good tips to help out. Keeping the elbows pinched is essential if you want to be able to keep your opponent in a vulnerable position. Ramos assists the turn with his legs by catching his opponent’s leg with his. He does this by stepping his legs inside of his partner’s and then takes a big step to prop his partner’s leg on his own. This is important in completing the cradle!

Winning With Front Headlocks & Leg Attacks by Tony Ramos
Winning With Front Headlocks And Leg Attacks 4-part series packed to the gills with top-tier tactics and techniques. Ramos show you how to dominate from the front headlock position, your opponent won’t be able to escape!