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Learn the Standing Tilt from Ben Askren

Learn the Standing Tilt from Ben Askren


An offensive wrestler is looking for the pin, that’s a given. However, your strategy should not solely be based on pin hunting, as this can make you lose sight of the ulterior motives of the sport: scoring. In a tight match against a tough opponent, a few points could mean the difference between standing on the podium or staying in the stands. One of the most effective methods of scoring is the tilt, most commonly done from top referee’s position. Yet what if you could hit the same scoring method on your feet?

Don’t settle for simple tilts on top. Learn how to hit the standing tilt from one of the best. In the video below, former Bellator and One FC welterweight champion Ben Askren explains how to hit the tilt from the standing position. 

Getting into Position

Ben’s brother, Max, will be the one demonstrating the move in this video. Max has gotten behind Ben’s back and has control of his wrist with a cross grab and and outside bicep grab. Getting to this position can vary depending on the circumstances leading up to it. More than likely, you will end up here after the opponent attempts a stand-up from bottom position. This can also be achieved with a duck under from the standing position. Regardless of how you get there, notice how Max has positioned his hips against Ben. He’s not standing directly behind him, but rather keeping one leg between his legs. 

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The specific tilt Max does in the video involves corkscrewing under Ben’s body to create momentum. He starts off by pulling the wrist in with his far side arm, bending over, and putting his head to the inside of Ben’s frame. Max’s far side elbow moves in between Ben’s legs and pinches on the thigh to maintain control. The corkscrew itself involves keeping this position while circling your feet into your opponent while pulling them down. The resulting action will bring you down to the mat on your back, but the constant connection whips the opponent down and exposes their back. 

Maintaining Control

Max doesn’t settle for just bringing Ben down. In order to establish the tilt, Max has to maintain control of Ben’s body as the referee makes the count. His method involves keeping the trapped arm pulled in tight against Ben’s torso, connecting his elbow to his near side knee for constant contact, and propping him up on the bottom leg. Even if Ben tries to move, Max’s knee and elbow connection works as a physical conduit to limit his mobility. Once the back points have been earned, you can turn your opponent back to the mat and work for more rides or pins. The benefit of the move is that you can still keep the trapped wrist and use it for more turns, such as the Navy or the armbar series. 

Pinning your opponent is the objective, but sometimes the path to victory takes a few detours. Build your safety net of points in the match by using tilts from the standing position, as demonstrated in the video above by Ben and Max Askren. By adding this to your arsenal, you can be more strategic in your offensive game beyond looking for the quick pin. 

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