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Learn the Misdirection Low Single from Vladimer Khinchegashvili

Learn the Misdirection Low Single from Vladimer Khinchegashvili


As you advance through your wrestling career, you begin to narrow down the scope of your attack. No longer are you just focused on hitting upper-body or lower-body takedowns. Your takedowns begin to be more targeted. At first, you may focus on specific muscle groups, like the shoulders or hamstrings, but then you become confident enough to target key joints. This is a natural progression of the sport, the ability to consolidate takedowns on a smaller surface area for maximum effect. This is why the low single has become a staple in advanced wrestlers, as it takes the power you would normally reserve for a traditional single leg and target the ankle joint specifically.

Specialized shooting doesn’t have to stop at the joint; in fact, you can combine strategic movements along with body targeting to make your takedowns extremely effective. One of the best examples of this is using misdirection along with the aforementioned low single. To demonstrate how effective it is, 2016 Olympic gold medalist Vladimer Khinchegashvili goes into further detail about the misdirection low single in the video below. 


The act of misdirecting your opponent is more than just stepping in another direction. It takes a tremendous amount of timing and commitment to the initial step to get your opponent to move where you want them. You can’t simply step with half-hearted enthusiasm. You need to sell the move. 

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As Vladimer demonstrates, he takes a hard step to his left to initiate the misdirection. Doing so causes his opponent to take a step back in order to protect his leg. This is exactly the reaction you want when making the faux-step, as it causes the opponent to shift their weight towards the other leg. You need this shift in weight to increase their reaction time when they face the low single. 

The Low Single

By itself, the low single is a formidable move. It is a targeted attack against the ankle and Achilles tendon that is fast and deceptive. It also works best from a distance, especially when coupled with the misdirection step. After your opponent has moved their foot out of the way and shifted their weight, you drop your other knee just to the outside of the leg you’re attacking. At the same time, you lower your level and reach beyond the ankle. This may seem like going beyond the target, but this is to ensure that the ankle is still captured if they step back. Your head will stay on the inside in order to cut the angle. Just like Vladimer does in the video, you circle away from the ankle while lifting the foot up, putting your opponent on their back. 

The misdirection low single may seem like a complicated move at first glance, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The phrase in this context means that while the misdirection is useful for causing your opponent to step where you need and the low single is perfect for long-range shots, the combination of both of these concepts makes for a very successful match. As you build your wrestling game beyond simple takedowns, adding moves like Vladimer Khinchegashvili’s misdirection low single will improve your move set by leaps and bounds. 


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