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Learn the 2-on-1 Lunge Step with Adam Wheeler

Learn the 2-on-1 Lunge Step with Adam Wheeler


Learning how to wrestle requires more than just going through the motions of shots and sprawls. Each move you do requires a set-up, something to act as a catalyst for movement. Set-ups can take many forms, whether it’s a basic collar tie or wrist control, but sometimes you need something more substantial in order to be effective. You need a set-up that allows for pressure, yet speed for success. This is where the 2-on-1 comes into play. 

The 2-on-1 (otherwise known as the “Russian Tie”) is perfect for setting up the adjacent angle you need for a takedown. However, it is also impressive when working in the pocket for center-step takedowns, such as the lunge step. To give you an idea of how effective the 2-on-1 is for the lunge step, Olympic bronze medalist Adam Wheeler goes into detail in the video below.


2-on-1 Positioning

The 2-on-1 tie can come from one of two mindsets: proactive and reactive. Proactive in this instance means seeking out the technique; with this mindset, you establish wrist control on your opponent by “climbing the arm” from a low contact point to high contact point until you have one hand on the wrist and the other on the bicep. Reactive set-ups involve countering your opponent’s actions. For the 2-on-1, your opponent may try to establish a collar tie. Your reaction should be to grab the wrist with both hands, peel it off, and get in the same hand placement as mentioned before. Regardless of your method, you should be on the outside of your opponent’s arm, pressuring the elbow and shoulder with your chest, and elongating the arm to prevent a counter. 

Finish 1: Back Take

Once you establish the 2-on-1, you have maneuverability across and around your opponent. However, your opponent may post their hand on your head to create distance. What this does is create an additional pocket you can use to attack. Wheeler takes a deep step across his opponent, similar to a lunge. At the same time, he keeps the captured arm wedged between himself and his opponent. The first finish you can do with this scenario is duck around to the opponent’s back. It is very reminiscent to a duck under from the collar tie with the added bonus of keeping the opponent’s arm. After getting around the opponent, you can trip the near side leg and bring them down to the mat. 

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Finish 2: High Crotch

As mentioned the 2-on-1 allows for versatility in movement, especially when it comes to setting up takedowns. For this finish, the same cross-step lunge is used but your direction is more linear. Wheeler releases the arm after the lunge and grabs the single leg, keeping his head on the outside. From here, you can lift the opponent up for a dump finish or switch to the double leg and use the outside head position to drive the opponent over. 

Finish 3: Outside Single Leg

What better way to disrupt your opponent’s momentum than to hit a takedown on the opposite side of their body? The 2-on-1, while being reserved for near side attacks, works just as well when targeting the far side leg. Wheeler lunges and pulls the arm in just as before, but he sweeps his trail leg behind him to pivot. This pivot puts him in position for the outside single leg. Wheeler keeps his head on the inside to prevent his opponent from crossfacing or applying head pressure while also being the fulcrum he needs to run the pipe. 

In order for you to be a successful wrestler, you need to mix up your set-ups and takedowns. One of the most versatile ways to do so is with the 2-on-1 lunge step, as demonstrated by Adam Wheeler above. No matter which direction you go with it, it is guaranteed to add an extra angle to your takedown repertoire.  

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