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Kyle Dake Shines On International Stage

Kyle Dake Shines On International Stage


Kyle Dake made his first appearance at 74Kg for the UWW Ranking Series in Rome, Italy.  Although he didn’t start the way he wanted, he definitely finished how he wanted, on top of the podium. Dake took it to his finals opponent with a relentless pace and an unbreakable grip. He finished the match 11-0. 

Dake is gearing up for an Olympic run in 2020 at 74Kg, and the 4x NCAA Champion/2019 World Champion is looking strong. In an interview Kyle stated he has been working on some new setups that he couldn’t quite hit in the early rounds in Rome. However for the finals Dake stuck with his A game and came out on top in devastating fashion. Catch a quick highlight of it below!


As you can see from the quick clip, Dake is a wrestling POWER HOUSE! Kyle has an instructional out titled Defense Wins Championships, but for his next one he should call it ...Offense Does Too. Once Dake is in on a leg you better have a divine intervention if you hope to get out of that grip!

So why is that? What makes Dake different? His rock solid foundations are a big part of his success on the mat. Let’s sharpen up those basics with a little help from Kyle Dake! Check it out!


Not only is Kyle ‘Dynamite’ on the mat, he is a superb teacher! Kyle advocates mixing it up. By adding elevation changes, and movement you can start to keep your opponent guessing. IF youare an absolute beginner, start by monitoring your level. Dake always stays at least an inch lower than his opponent when possible. This makes it easier for him to not only see what is coming, but react to it. 

Maintaining a flat back is crucial if you want to move smoothly around the mat. On top of movement it also allows you to engage the proper muscles to be explosive in your takedown attempts. Excessive movement can also put you out of position so instead of looking for wide angles on your opponent, look for small adjustments that can put you into better position. Dake is a master at taking small steps and precautions to set himself up for success. 

The year to come will be an exciting one for Dake and the wrestling world. Stay tuned over at Fanaticwrestling.com for all of the best instructionals and wrestling news!

Defense Wins Championships by Kyle Dake

Kyle Dake is one of the best wrestlers on EARTH! His newest instructional Defense Wins Championships will take you on a wrestling JOURNEY! Take your defense to the highest level, and stop the takedown.