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Killer Drils With Henry Cejudo

Killer Drils With Henry Cejudo

It's been a long held belief in pretty much every sport that drillers are killers and that isn’t just a nice saying that rhymes really well, it's actually true. Just watching a technique, no matter how in depth the breakdown is and how informative and clear the steps are, even in videos as great as ours, aren’t enough for a technique to become part of an athletes arsenal.

This is where drilling comes in. Even after watching any number of the informative and excellent videos from some of the best to ever do it that we have on our channel, you are going to need to practice them with a partner. This helps you a ton as you not only get the feeling of doing a technique on a real person to know where your hand placement should be and how to move but also get to do these techniques with at least some level of resistance, which helps you learn how to do a technique in a live scenario. 

This is generally how the routine at which techniques and principles are learned, even if most of us don’t consciously know that it is going on constantly. First you see a technique, either online or having it shown to you from a coach, then you drill a technique, either with a partner or solo if possible to nail the technique and get the pattern down with little to no resistance and then you attempt to use the technique in a live scenario where your opponent is resisting in something like sparing. Without following each of these steps for every technique you won't be able to use it during your competition at least not properly and to its fullest potential.

Drill is the point during the process of learning a technique where it becomes built into your muscle memory. This is where you make the technique better,fix any issues that you might have while doing it and make it more efficient. That is how you make sure that a technique is there in a competition, to the point where it becomes unconscious, because if you have to think about it, you’re probably going to be too slow. 

In this video, former UFC double champion and Olympic Gold Medalist, Triple C Henry Cejudo goes over some wrestling drills with his brother, renowned wrestling coach Angel Cejudo,  to develop proper posture and penetrations for wrestling. 


The first thing that Cejudo does is demonstrate a drill that is done commonly in the United States to teach penetration for a shot where you shoot between your partner's legs and end up behind them. Cejudo says that this way does not develop a strong posture while shooting, so he shows the way that he drills this technique. After the penetration shot, you are going to set up into a kind of lunge/ hip stretch position with a high head and a straight back. This is the position that you want to be in when you're shooting a double leg or a high crotch. 

After having his students shot under and between the legs, Cejudo has them drill the real technique, now with that same posture. A big thing that Cejudo focuses on is really pushing your opponent back when your shooting. Cejudo says that this ability to push and get your opponent off balance is the difference between winning gold and only getting silver. When your opponent is light on their feet, you can much more easily pick them up and take them down. 

To finish off the video, Cejudo says that while these drills are basic, they are the fundamentals that are going to help you win. The fundamentals are the fundamentals for a reason.

Gold Medal Wrestling by Henry Cejudo

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