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Jumpstart Your Movement With J’den Cox

Jumpstart Your Movement With J’den Cox


Have you ever watched J’den Cox wrestle? If not, take a minute and enter the matrix with the man himself. As you can tell from that killer highlight J’den Cox is a big believer in utilizing movement to set traps to get in DEEP on takedowns. Time and time again when you watch him wrestle he is constantly keeping his opponent guessing only to get scooped up. 

How does he find a way to always mix it up? By controlling motion and distance. Now obviously that is easier said than done, but with a little visual aid and a whole lot of practice you can start to use movement to set up more effective takedowns. Check out this video with J’den Cox!


J’den credits his footwork to the legendary Muhammed Ali. As you can see throughout the video Cox is constantly moving and shifting in different patterns and rhythms. By breaking up the routine of wrestling J’den can catch his opponent off-beat. This may look a number of different ways but a good way to spot if someone is off-beat is by watching their feet. 

Float Like A Butterfly With J’den Cox! Click Learn More!



In the highlight that we linked to above, you constantly see top-tier wrestlers caught in bad positions. They might be half way into a step only to be scooped up by J’den. When you watch him, it’s like he is always two moves ahead. So how can you start to add more efficient movement into your game?

Float Like A Butterfly is J’den’s newest instructional. The entire instructional is designed to make you a more efficient mover. You don’t have to be a superior athlete like J’den, you just need to learn from him! Cox covers the beginning stages of movement development. Even if you have two left feet you can use the same warmups J’den uses to loosen up those feet and tap in to the rhythm of the mat. 

J’den overhauls classic positions to incorporate silky smooth setups based around movement. Check out how he re-vamps the collar tie in another clip from Float Like A Butterfly!


Cox adds some shine to the collar tie in this clip. Once again movement plays a major role in how J’den dominates. By getting to the collar tie first J’den can control the space and start to add motion and misdirection into the equation to increase his overall offense. Now that he has a good spot to control from J’den begins to set traps left and right that keeps his partner guessing which way he will go. J’den doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel with the collar tie, but he adds some slick treads to it. This allows you to grip and rip like never before. 

Float Like a Butterfly by J'Den Cox
Float Like A Butterfly By J'Den Cox gives you the tools to become a smoother more natural wrestling. J'Den goes over the movement and traps that he uses to takedown the world's best wrestlers. In this 4-part instructional J'Den takes you on a tour of what it takes to FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY!