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Interview with Reece "Highlight" Humphrey


With Fanatic Wrestling holding a 35% off sale when you use code HALLOWEEN2020 at checkout for all instructionals, I messaged Coach of the Year, three time US Open Champion, and multiple time world team member Reece “Highlight” Humphrey to see if I could get an interview and pick his mind about instructionals, his training methods, and some advice an background on his nickname. 

Interviewer: Who would you recommend your instructionals for?

Reece: I have an upper body series and a takedown series, so any type of wrestler can benefit from my Fanatic Wrestling Instructionals!

Interviewer: You do a lot of crazy bodyweight tricks on social media, do you prefer calisthenics exercises to barbell training for wrestling?

Reece: Wrestling is the toughest sport on the planet and I’m the type of guy that needs a break from the grind every once in a while. The athletic tricks I do on social media keep training interesting! I mix weight training and body weight calisthenics consistently. 

Interviewer: Where did the “highlight” moniker come from?

Reece:I was taught to score the most points possible in all scoring situations. Whether you transition a takedown into a turn or going for the big throw I was always ready to put up the max amount of points. This style of wrestling created a ton of highlights throughout my career and also created my nickname Highlight Humphrey!

Interviewer: How do you suggest people go through your instructionals? A section per practice, watching in downtime and taking notes, solo work?

Reece: Everyone is different. Some athletes find it effective to watch the entire series while taking notes. Other athletes watch the instructional on the mats pausing techniques and rewinding certain positions that they need to work on. However you want to watch is up to you!

Interviewer: Do you have any advice for wrestlers struggling to train due to COVID-19?

Reece: Quarantine exaggerates who we are as people. The lazy will find excuses. The hard workers will find ways to work hard. Quarantine has been hard on everyone but there are still gains to be made. If you’re looking into buying a Fanatic Wrestling instructional you’re half way there. A lot of people are taking breaks during lockdown. Take this time to make huge jumps on your competition while your competition is standing still. 

Highlight Reel Upper Body Takedowns and Throws by Reece Humphrey
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