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Inside Tie Snap Down With Jason Nolf

Inside Tie Snap Down With Jason Nolf

While every wrestling match starts with the two competitors separated, forcing them to work from space. This means that you are going to need to learn to work from the outside with things like shoots, because the wrestler that is better at working from space will always have an advantage at the start of the match.

However in wrestling you will always find yourself in a situation where you and your opponent are close up together and need to get ties and hooks and control your opponent with them. If you’re able to control your opponent on the inside, you can make your opponent’s life a living hell for seven minutes. 

Being really good at using ties can also make your opponent scared to shoot from the outside, because they don’t want to end up in a clinch with you. But in order to be scary when you get your ties, you need to have moves that you can build off of them.

That’s why in this video we have someone who is incredibly qualified to show you how to work off of your ties. 

In this video, Jason Nolf goes over how you can get a snap down off of your inside ties.  

Who Is Jason Nolf 

Jason Nolf is a three-time NCAA champion and has been trained by the great Cael Sanderson as a Nittany Lion. He is probably one of the best wrestlers that this generation has ever seen and all you need to do is watch him to find out.

Snap Down From Inside Ties 


The video starts off with Jason getting a collar tie and bicep control after his partner attempts to get a collar tie on him. From there he takes a short little foot fake and drops his shoulder to be below his partner's head. 

This doing this to your opponent will probably make them lower their level to match yours. This will create a fair amount of space between your hand and your opponent’s head. 

Jason then uses that space to help generate power into his snap down as he steps back to give his opponent room to fall on their hands and/or face and help give him even more power. 

Keep in mind that your first snap down might not be too effective as your opponent will likely be able to bounce back up and reset themselves, especially at the start of a match. However if you keep doing this a lot over the course of your match, it will start to drain your opponent. Once your opponent gets tired, your snap downs will have your opponent face planting every time. 

Even if your opponent only goes to their hands, you will have the opportunity to go for shots and knee picks. Basically in the worst case scenario you will tire your opponent but best case scenario you are set up to score pretty easily. 

Remember that this is a snap down and that you’re not pulling your opponent to the floor. You are trying to snap your opponent to the mat. You can't do this if you keep your hands on your opponent's head. This is why you need that separation of your hand and their head, so that you can get more power when you snap your own hand down. Remember that you also need to bring your chin to your chest and drop your leg back for maximum power. 

Learn More From Jason Nolf 

Perpetual Motion Offense by Jason Nolf
If you like this technique breakdown and want to learn more from three-time NCAA champion Jason Nolf, then you can check out his complete video series “Perpetual Motion Offense by Jason Nolf” available exclusively on Fanatic Wrestling!