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How To Spiral Ride With Malik Amine

How To Spiral Ride With Malik Amine

The ability to ride legs is one of the more underrated aspects of wrestling. Being a position, instead of a takedown makes it inherently less interesting. However if you’re watching this you probably don’t and shouldn’t really care about what the crowd thinks. 

You need to know how to leg ride, at least a bit, or you are going to have a pretty large hole in your offense. You need to have at least a few options, either to get to an even stronger position or to score outright. 

Luckily we have someone who has built their entire wrestling career off of being a tremendous leg rider to show you some tricks of the trade. 

In this video, Malik Amine goes over how you can do a spiral ride. 

Who Is Malik Amine? 

Malik Amine is an American wrestler who competes out of Michigan State University. He made his career working off of top positions by leg riding. Its this talent that earned him a spot at nationals multiple times. 

How To Spiral Ride 


The video starts off with Malik talking about how he likes to use the spiral ride. Malik says that he likes to use the position to get his leg inside, especially his left one. He says that he likes to do this incase his opponent is really good at sitting him down onto his hips. 

This position gets the weight on your opponent’s hands, which creates the space to let you get your legs in on them. 

For the actual demonstration of the move, Malik starts from the referee's position. Malik says that you are going to want to make your move immediately when the ref blows his whistle. Malik says that this is the best to do because your opponent won't be able to react right away and that makes it a lot easier. 

As soon as the whistle blows, Malik moves his right hand to his opponent’s thigh. His left then goes below the bicep with the bottom of the hand. You then bump forward so that more of both your and your opponent’s weight is on your opponent’s hands. MAke sure that you push forward with the arm that is below the bicep as well. 

Now there will be space created so you can throw your leg in. If you try to get the leg in without getting your opponent more on their hands they will be able to block you and stand up. 

Get your leg in and then get on to the position. From there you can start to break down your opponent from there. 

Learn More From Malik Amine

Leg Riding Made Easy by Malik Amine 

If you like this leg riding technique breakdown and want to learn more from Malik Amine then you should check out his complete video series “Leg Riding Made Easy by Malik Amine” available exclusively on Fanatic Wrestling!