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How Anthony Ashnault Majored #1 Matt Kolodzik

How Anthony Ashnault Majored #1 Matt Kolodzik

Taking on the number one guy in your state can be daunting. The #1 seed at a big tournament can be intimidating. If you are Rutgers All-American Anthony Ashnault and you are taking on the #1 guy in the nation, it's just another day. Ashnault scored early, often, and kept racking up points on his way to a 10-2 major over Princeton All American Matthew Kolodzik. Coming into the bout, they were lifetime 2-2 (all at 141), but Ashnault now has all the momentum after this statement win.

Ashnault and Kolodzik worked from distance early, posting on the head and dragging elbows while taking half shots, trying to get the other man overcommitting early for advantage. Ashnault was consistent in clearing ties and not allowing Kolodzik to settle, trying slide bys and underhooks but not committing deep to anything in the first. Ashnault deferred after a scoreless first, and Kolodzik took bottom. Immediately Kolodzik went to a sitout, and Ashnault stepped around outside and grabbed an overhook/underhook and tipped him to his back for 2 back points before Kolodzik scrambled for an escape.

Kolodzik gave more pressure, wanting to earn points back, but Ashnault dropped in for an ankle pick that he switched to a high crotch and finally a double leg for his takedown finish. Ashnault went cross wrist from top, looking to tilt, but couldn't get there and Kolodzik got back out. More handfighting closed the 2nd, after a big period from the Scarlet Knight.

Ashnault escaped in six seconds to start the third, and Kolodzik gave pressure and half shots. Finally he timed a tap to the head with a step, scoring on a left sweep single leg that he had to switch to a low double for the edge finish. Another breakdown and another of those lat drop-like turns led to 2 more, and RT added another point for a 10-2 major decision.