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Hit the Leg Hook Shuck with Nick Heflin

Hit the Leg Hook Shuck with Nick Heflin


Using the 2-on-1 tie may seem like an impenetrable move, but it does come with a caveat. Although the move puts you at a perfect angle for an outside single or a toss, the hold itself can still be countered by a savvy opponent who knows how to negate the angle. Even worse, the hold can be countered with a re-Russian, putting you in the vulnerable position. 

However, there are unique ways around this defense. One such way is the leg hook shuck, putting you in prime scoring position in a matter of seconds. To help demonstrate the effectiveness of the leg hook shuck, former Ohio State All-American Nick Helfin goes into detail on the move in the video below. 


The 2-on-1 Position

Nick begins the sequence in a 2-on-1 position. To get here, you can achieve it proactively by initiating wrist control and climbing up the arm or you can be reactive off of your opponent’s attempted collar tie. Regardless of how you end in the position, hand and body placements are still the same. You will have your far arm (right arm to right arm and left to left) gripping their upper biceps with a false grip, rolling the wrist akin to starting a motorcycle. The near arm is high by the other end of the biceps and is also tight. In regards to your angle, the intention here is to stay on the outside of their arm and pressure the elbow with your chest. 

Hit them with the EARTH!



Defensive Tactics and the Leg Hook Shuck

A strategic wrestler knows that having an angle cut on them is a recipe for disaster. As a result, most wrestlers in this position will square up with their opponent to get back in proper alignment. However, doing so puts their legs in an interesting place, as Nick demonstrates. He takes his left leg and locks his ankle around his opponent’s right leg from the back. This isn’t a shallow lock, as he stays nearly hip-to-hip with his opponent and maintains a strong hold with the 2-on-1. The shucking portion of the move is just as simple: kick the trapped leg back using your ankle while pulling the trapped arm across using your near arm. These moves work in tandem to throw the opponent forward and leave you with a back take. 

Following Up

Having the opponent’s back from here is excellent, but it is not the entire endgame. From there, you can establish a two-on-one wrist control grip from the back and trip the opponent using your ankle on their trapped side. This will give you the two points for the takedown plus put you in place for snubbing the arm out. If you are submission grappling or taking part in jiu-jitsu, you can continue the forward motion established by your opponent and lock in hooks for devastating chokes. 

Even if your opponent has escaped the angle on your 2-on-1, you don’t have to give up a fantastic hold. Learn how to turn your opponent’s defense into their demise with the leg hook shuck, as shown above by Nick Heflin. Tinker with it in the mat room and see how far it will take you!

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