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Hit the Inverted Fireman’s Carry with Georgi Ivanov

Hit the Inverted Fireman’s Carry with Georgi Ivanov


As mentioned in previous articles, the 2-on-1 Russian tie is an extremely versatile hold when it comes to takedowns. The ability to stay on the outside of your opponent’s body while applying significant pressure to their limbs cannot be overstated. While the tie itself is useful, chaining it together with established takedowns can demonstrate your creativity on the mat. Single legs are a given considering proximity to the limb, but what if you were to take something as beloved as the fireman’s carry and modify it with the 2-on-1?

Your question will soon be answered, as Olympic wrestler Georgi Ivanov shows a unique inverted fireman’s carry from the 2-on-1 tie in the video below:

The 2-on-1 Tie

Ivanov’s approach for this fireman’s carry is to use the 2-on-1 tie to establish outside control. This is a staple of his move set (as shown from his instructional DVD), but he begins by peeling his opponent’s hand from the collar tie with a grip across the body and extending the arm out. His signature 2-on-1 retrieval is to use his near-side arm and pull the arm up while sliding his forearms above the elbow and at the armpit. This variation is different than the first in that he has higher control as opposed to keeping his far-side arm down at the wrist. Regardless of the approach, your 2-on-1 should be tight with extensive pressure at the shoulder to lower your opponent’s stance. 

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To hit this move, your opponent’s near-side leg must be forward. If it is not, you can step and drag them to elicit movement. Once they are in position, you step forward and raise their frame with the near-side arm in order to create additional space. With your back leg, you step behind the opponent with your knee bent and grab the opponent’s leg with your far-side arm. Ivanov has the side of his head firmly against his opponent’s chest with the arm pinched in. This is where the variation becomes different from a traditional fireman’s carry. Normally, you would hit the fireman’s carry inside the opponent’s pocket with them loaded on your shoulders. By contrast, Ivanov still has outside positioning even if he reaches across for the leg. 

The Finish

A normal fireman’s carry is finished by bringing the opponent over the shoulders and onto the mat. You would pull the arm down and use your head as a directional indicator while you are penetrated on the inside. Ivanov’s inverted fireman’s carry puts the opponent on their back, but driving them backward instead of laterally over their head. After he steps behind the opponent and grabs the leg across the body, Ivanov uses head pressure against the chest while pulling the arm to drive the opponent over his knee. The general premise is the same as a normal fireman’s carry, but the direction they go is different. 

Your 2-on-1 tie can lead to successful takedowns if you chain it effectively. Georgi Ivanov proves this concept by using the tie to set up his inverted fireman’s carry takedown with ease. Try out the 2-on-1 and see how you can make ordinary moves extraordinary.