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Hit the High Crotch with Yuri Simoes

Hit the High Crotch with Yuri Simoes


You can’t go wrong with a single leg takedown, that’s for sure. Always reliable, never wavering, the single leg takedown is one of the most basic wrestling moves that are taught to new and inexperienced grapplers. There have been many variations of the single leg throughout the years, but none have the unbridled power of the high crotch. The high crotch takes the singular focus of the single leg takedown and combines the penetration step of the double leg to get the best of both worlds. Used in a pinch, this move can give you exactly what you need to achieve victory. 

Learning the high crotch shouldn’t be done from anybody, it should be done with an expert in the craft. To fully demonstrate the high crotch takedown, Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt and ADCC World Champion Yuri Simoes explains how to perform the technique in the video below.


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The Set-Up

Most takedowns require that you establish inside control, either with a collar tie or getting inside position to grab the biceps and triceps. Yuri’s approach to the high crotch is to have two inside ties, each grabbing the triceps and rotating the wrist down for more tension. He keeps his elbows in, which prevents his opponent from getting an opening for a counter attack and allows him to dictate their posture. This elbow placement is also useful for opening up for penetration. Yuri pulls his opponent’s arm down while lifting the other one up to establish an angle for his shot. 

Establishing Position

Once Yuri has opened his opponent up for the high crotch, he steps across to grab the leg. There are a few salient points here in terms of hand and head placement that should be discussed. His nearside leg is directly behind his opponent’s knee, almost pinching against the knee pit, as he would say. Rather than keeping his head low by the hip for a traditional single leg, Yuri is keeping a high posture with his head against his opponent’s upper chest. As far as the lock, his nearside hand is on top of his outside hand. This makes it less likely for his opponent to strip the grip based on its hidden position between their thighs. Yuri is now in place for the finish. 

Finishing the High Crotch

Many finishes for the high crotch involve lifting the opponent off their feet and driving them down, but Yuri’s finish is more subtle and safe. It is very similar to running the pipe like you would for a single leg, with a few minor differences. Yuri’s high posture means that he will not be using the hip as a fulcrum, but it does mean that he can drive the opponent down by manipulating the angle of their back. As he circles around, Yuri leans into his opponent’s chest and forces them to lean back. This, coupled with the circling motion and pulling the leg, causes them to lose balance and fall to the mat. From there, you can work to establish a ride or work for a submission depending on your sport of choice. 

The high crotch takedown is a staple among wrestling aficionados, and with good reason. It is a reliable, safe takedown that allows you to maintain a high posture and minimize any mistakes. Practice Yuri Simoes’ version of the high crotch and see how it can transform your game.  

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