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Hip Toss Set Ups With Henry Cejudo

Hip Toss Set Ups With Henry Cejudo

In this video, former simultaneous Flyweight and Bantamweight UFC champion and Olympic gold medalist, Triple C Henry Cejudo, goes over some set ups and ways to finish one of his favorites, as well as one of the most fundamental moves in all of wrestling, the Hip Toss. 

The video starts off with Cejudo showing how to set up and complete the throw from the inside tie position. When Cejudo gets the inside tie, in order to get his opponent into the best position for the hip toss, Henry first shoots for a sweep single leg. This move is simply to provoke a reaction from his opponent, hoping that they will sprawl, but if it works then go for it. In the likely case that his opponent defends, they are probably going to sprawl, but this is what you want to happen if you’re going for the hip toss. 


When your opponent sprawls, they are going to be very top heavy, with their upper body top of you with one or both their legs spread out far away from you. With your opponent sprawled over you, you are already basically halfway to the hip toss with the position. From the position that you end up in after shooting for the sweep single, you’re going to use the momentum that you have generated from shooting in order to step up inside of his legs under his hips.

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 An important thing to note is that you are going to want to bring the arm that you were trying to grab the single leg and bring it up to grab at the far side hip to control your opponent. You can also do this with an underhook if you prefer that kind of control to really pull your opponent on top and over you. 

From this position with your leg in between their hips and with either hip or underhook control, you are going to pivot and “step inside the box” as Cejudo says and bump your hips as far as you can to complete the hip toss. 

Cejudo shows a second, somewhat similar way to set up the hip toss. This way doesn’t require the shot to get your opponent into position, so if you aren’t confident with your shots for whatever reason, this one is going to be more your style. This set up starts from an over under position, where you have an underhook on one side and wrist control on the other. Once again if you like to work from an underhook you can pull your opponent on top of you straight from this position, but Cejudo shows another way to finish the hip toss with hip control. 

After choosing to keep the underhook or switch to hip control, the movement is the same. If you have an underhook or hip control with your right arm, step in with your right leg in between your opponents legs, step inside the box, bump with your hips, and hit your opponent with the floor. 

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