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Hip Toss Help With Reece Humphrey

Hip Toss Help With Reece Humphrey


Crazy scrambles, fireman’s carries that drop the jaws of anyone watching, eyebrow-raising returns to the mat, and even swift shots that show off some stellar speed. All of these are common moves to see on any wrestler’s highlight reel. However, the tried and true king of the highlight reel is the hip toss. From pee wee wrestlers all the way up to the sport’s top level Olympic athletes, everyone admires the beauty of a successfully executed hip toss. Even people who don’t know the sport will get hyped up seeing a wrestler getting flipped in the air and landing hard on the mat. And after all, isn’t that what we all want out of a good highlight reel—hype?

That is why the hip toss is the perfect catalyst for hype when putting together all of your in match highlights. Luckily, we’re here to help you develop the best hip toss to ensure that you can get that desired clip onto your highlight reel. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to impress college coaches, get likes and views on your highlights after posting them online, or even just showing off to your friends; a great hip toss is an amazing way to do so. With that being said, your form is paramount. A less than perfect effort when attempting to hit a hip toss can be very dangerous. If you aren’t careful, your opponent can be the one who comes out with the highlight clip and even the victory for the match.

Allow one of our very own Fanatic Wrestling athletes, Reece Humphrey, to help you make sure that your hip tosses always live up to the standards of the highlight reel while at the same time quite possibly winning you several matches. 



Reece Humphrey is among the elites in the world of wrestling. Out of all of the phenomenal wrestlers out there, Humphrey is definitely one of the first men that you should be wanting to teach you not only how to hip toss, but also how to win matches in general. This three time US World Team Trials Champion as well as three time Open Champion has been able to amass quite the extensive knowledge of wrestling throughout his infamous career. His knowledge has brought him much success in the sport as well as coaching the sport. He became the head coach of the NJRTC after previously coaching the Titan Mercury Wrestling Club in California. 


Before you can start throwing people, you need to know some basics. Humphrey lays out the rules of wrestling: keep your head up, back straight, hips in, and pressure against your opponent at all times. You can’t have a good hip toss without knowing these things. That is partially because in the set up for a good hip toss, you must make sure that your opponent is unable to keep these basics going. You’re going to have to move their head, back, hips, and get their pressure off of you. This may sound like a very difficult task while maintaining all of those techniques, but with the help that Reece Humphrey provides in his videos, it proves itself to not even be a problem. 

With all of Reece’s key points in mind it’s time to start learning the actual throw. To get in the right position you’re going to need both an over hook and an under hook. It isn’t too important to focus on learning the move with the under and over hooks on the same side as Reece does in his video because different people have different dominant sides. With that being said, you can just go with whatever is comfortable and works with your stance and dominant side. From this over/under hook position, you’re going to sag down a little bit. When doing this motion (which obviously gives the move its name) your opponent is going to come up. That is what you need to take his pressure away. You’re lower than he is right now, making it very hard for him to have any effective pressure on you. However, your opponent is going to make an effort to keep pressure on you, but this is what we want. 

When your opponent presses in, they’re coming over your power. You still have your head up, back straight, and hips in. You’re lower than your opponent, they’re almost straight up, their body is on the backside of your hips now as you begin to rotate, and with your over and under hooks, you’re in a great spot to show off that highlight reel throw. You only have to do a few more things. 

From this optimal throwing position, all you have to do is rotate very aggressively to the side of your over hook. While you begin to rotate and flip your hips, your under hook arm is going to stretch out, being kind of loose. This allows the man you’re about to throw to have room to come across your body. While doing this though, you must make sure to maintain a very tight grip of his arm on your over hook side. If you don’t do this, an escape is bound to happen, and you will more than likely end up in a bad position. That can all be avoided by just keeping his momentum going forward with the over hook while allowing room for yourself to work with that loose under hook. When his momentum is going towards the mat, you tighten that under hook to make sure he can’t escape and you have yourself a successful hip toss. Just make sure that someone is filming so that you can add this throw to your highlight reel. 

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