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Highlight Reel Throws With Reece Humphrey

Highlight Reel Throws With Reece Humphrey

If you like wrestling, you like big throws. No doubt about it, that there is no bigger statement on the mat than a throw that scores. Get your points, get your pin, then celebrate on the sidelines!

 One wrestler who knows how to make a statement is three-time world team member Reece Humphrey. Reece has won the USA Championship on three separate occasions earning him the nickname “Highlight Humphrey”.  The throw that Reece is most known for has been aptly named the “HumpNasty”.

The Humpnasty sorta resembles what a lateral revolution would look like if you reversed the grip, as awkward as it may seem the move pays off in dividends both on the scoreboard and on the sidelines.

So how does one go about setting up Highlight Humphrey’s signature throw? Any good wrestler will tell you “it is all in the setup” and to pull off the “HumpNasty” is no different. For the purposes of clarity, we will use the terms Lead Side (front leg side/shooting leg) and Trail side (the back leg/drive leg) in our next segment. 

For this setup we are going to have our lead leg mirror our partners lead leg (so they are on the same side) as we approach tie up distance, we will utilize a shuffle step and overhand tie for entry. 

Our lead leg will take a half step forward and to the outside while our lead arm establishes contact either on the shoulder or overhand triceps. This will illicit movement from our partner, meanwhile using our trail arm to bait them to over reach for the trail side tie. 

In This moment while our partner reaches for the trail side arm you shuffle your trail leg to between our partners legs while changing levels for a far side duck under. Remember to keep your posture and use the side of your head to maintain pressure.

 The other (initial lead) leg steps around your partners lead leg. The positioning of your feet should create a cross if you were to draw straight lines between your legs and your partners legs. Remember you have changed levels so there should still be a bend in your knees.

  Your trailing arm at this point should be through your partners legs wrapping your wrist around to the upper thigh of their lead leg. The deeper the arm the more leverage on the throw.

Now for the big moment, look over your lead shoulder (spot your landinHig), Sag down with your lead arm, Arch, drive, and follow through for the score. Next be prepared to move into a pinning sequence after landing. Win, shake hands, go get them high fives with your team.

Here is Reece Breaking down the Humpnasty for you. Go check it out!


This throw takes timing, and the only way to get the timing is to get repetitions with a partner. Make sure you have good mats and your partner is aware of the drill. 

Drill it and Kill it!

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