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High Crotch To Double Leg by Dan Vallimont

High Crotch To Double Leg by Dan Vallimont


Imagine this scenario: you’ve tied up with your opponent and you have the perfect takedown in mind. You’ve spent precious seconds setting it up, and, at the right moment, you finally strike.

Except... your opponent blocks the takedown.

You’re left with two options now.

  • Option A: Continue working on that same takedown and hope that with enough horsepower you can finish it, or
  • Option B: Switch to something else.

If you’ve been around the sport long enough, you know the answer: Option B. Part of being a great wrestler is knowing how to chain moves together in order to keep your opponent on their toes (or, in this case, off of them). In the following video by two-time NCAA All-American Dan Vallimont, you’re going to know how to chain together two very successful takedowns: the high crotch and double leg.

Dan starts off with inside ties with his head placed just next to his partner’s neck. Having inside control with the head here is important as it allows for a smooth penetration without having to worry about your opponent’s centerline. After pressuring in, he takes a short step with his inside foot and a big step with his outside foot (right and left respectively) and uses his inside tie to lift up his partner’s arm to create space. To finish the set-up, he brings his inside arm between the legs and brings his outside arm on top with his head on the outside.

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From here, Dan establishes his finish depending on his opponent’s movement. In the video, it is specifically the double leg.

This is ideal as his head is already on the outside from the high crotch set-up and allows him to pressure on his partner’s hip for movement. The arm that was on the inside (his right) switches over to the far leg while his back is straight, ready for the finish. Dan completes the takedown like a traditional double leg.

The reason a combination like this is so versatile is the element of surprise. Normally, a double leg takedown is telegraphed due to attacking both legs at the same time. You shoot, you make contact, and your opponent automatically knows your endgame. The single itself, especially from a high crotch, leaves so many options open as far as finishes. Your opponent may think you’re going to move your head to the inside and run the pipe, duck around and go to the back, lift and finish with a slam, or any litany of takedowns. Yet adding the double leg into the equation allows you to keep your posture while still being able to add lateral movement necessary to knock your opponent off their balance. It redirects motion rather than forces it.

The next time you try a takedown and don’t complete it, don’t get discouraged. Think about what your back-up plan is and build from there. Instead of thinking about takedowns with a stubborn mindset, try adding combinations into your set-ups and prepare for your opponent’s reaction. If your combinations are anything like Dan Vallimont's high crotch to double leg set-up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.


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