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HI C Finish With Nate Tomasello

HI C Finish With Nate Tomasello

Ever notice that things never quite go as planned? In your head you step out onto the mat, shake hands, Head snap spin around then suplex the other wrestler flat on their back scoring the pin? But in reality your opponent starts hand fighting hard and giving you all you can handle. Like Iron Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a Plan till they get punched in the face”

How do you deal with failure when wrestling? Giving up is not an option. You’re a wrestler. Known for being tough and grinding out the other wrestler. Willing to do whatever it takes to get the win. Making sure you account for both success and failure on the mat is critical.

At all levels of wrestling the “High Crotch” entry is very common. The reason for its common use is how versatile it can be to finish once a wrestler has gotten in on the shot. It essentially locks one hip of the other wrestler.

The finish options off the High-C seems to be limitless. With the advent of more and more wrestling opportunities world wide we are seeing even more wild options as time goes on. This goes for both offenses and defense.

It is not uncommon to see a wrestler get caught with a high crotch and attempt to sit the corner and use a tight waist to turn the tables from the crackdown position. It is also not uncommon to see the offensive wrestler go up and out the back door. Essentially through the legs of the defensive wrestler.

Things can get insane very quickly, so it is no surprise that these wrestlers are willing to exchange in that position. Although with all the fun and exciting defensive options that are out there for the High Crotch, it is the basic sprawl that is still the most common counter.

When another person is bearing all their weight down on you, it can be tempting to let go of the technique and try to scramble out. There is an alternative to just giving up and letting things go from bad to worse.

Check out 4 time Big 10 Champion from the Ohio State Buckeye’s Nathan Tomasello show you how to finish the High C after you have been hit with a heavy sprawl counter.


What Nathan is bringing to the table here is mind blowing. Not from the pull the leg in and get up part, Every coach I ever had has told me this. It is HOW, you get that leg to get up. Nathan explains that using your biceps trying to pull the leg in is a poor choice. Any one who has ever tried it will tell you the same. The guy on top has that mechanical advantage.

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What Nathan points out is using the traps and straight arms to pull the leg in. While focusing on this your body will naturally start to posture, which in turns changes the directional forces of the takedown. Instead of traveling laterally against the quad, you are driving vertically against the hip, which simultaneously pulls the foot off the floor.

Effectively killing the mechanical advantage and lifting your opponent at the same time. If you have a training partner handy, it is a cool trick to compare the two methods. Once you figure out that “Lat Lift” everything changes from that sprawl position. Don’t believe me? Try it!

It is small things like this that made Nathan the King of his weight in the Big 10’s all 4 years he wrestled. The little things are what make the difference, and the difference helped Nathan become a NCAA National Champion in 2015.

Recently Nathan took 3rd at the US Team Trials and is looking to the future wrestling for the USA on a international level. Nathan also likes to coach and inspire young wrestlers. He has been quoted while talking about where is wrestling career was going saying "I strive to be a person with integrity who can inspire those around me to give their absolute best in whatever they do." 

Nathan really believes in the High Crotch series of attacks. He has used it his entire career including during his incredible High School career where he had a record of 178-5 and was a four time Ohio State Champion.

Working this series for years Nathan really has worked out the kinks and has a option for most conceivable options. In the video above, using the Trap lift and swing Nathan highlighted that if you keep the legs elevate you can snag a leg turk to increase your chances of pinning.

Nathan has taken that system that earned him four high school championships, 18-0 Open tournaments as a redshirt freshman at Ohio State, A NCAA Title his freshman year of eligibility and four Big Ten titles and outlined it in an instructional.

It is no doubt that Nathan has had success with the High Crotch and if you work through his system, you can too!

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