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Hesitation Double Leg With Nate Jackson

Hesitation Double Leg With Nate Jackson

Wrestlers are like a fine wine—they get better with time. 

The knowledge, experience, and countless hours of numerous repetitions that make a great wrestler can’t be achieved in a day. It is a gift that only father time is able to give. It takes patience. 

You have to get out there and learn a vast array of different moves, defenses, and counters in order to keep any opponent on their toes. Along with knowing all different moves, it is common among the best wrestlers to know different variations of each move in their arsenal.

The complexity and depth of knowledge that is associated with all of these moves is one that only comes with being around the sport for a long time. However, there is good news. You may be a lot closer to knowing some of these more specialized moves than you may think. 

The way that these great wrestlers expand their knowledge to such a great degree is simple. They don’t stay complacent. Each move is an opportunity to open up new doors. One simple tweak can elevate any move to a whole new level.

For example, the double leg. This move in it’s most bare form isn’t going to have much flare, and it is going to be pretty simple to defend. That is why there have been so many variations to this otherwise simple move. There are a million and one different variations to this blank slate of a move. It will be altered tiny little bits to make it better for different situations that you may find yourself in. A prime example of this is with the hesitation double. 

Nate Jackson is a former Indiana wrestler. During his time wrestling as an Indiana Hoosier, Jackson was a NCAA D1 All American two times. He was also the Joe Dubuque Most Outstanding Wrestler Award winner and Indiana University Hoosier Award Winner in 2017. While putting together a resume of accolades that impressive, Jackson displayed his incredible knowledge while getting several impressive wins under his belt. 

That knowledge is available to you to capitalize on. Nate Jackson’s instructional video package, The Cramm Takedown System goes over all kinds of different variations for common takedowns. These vary in complexity, but this hesitation double is quite simple. This move just takes you learning the concept as opposed to other moves that take intricate techniques. 

Let’s take a look at this simple trick that can very easily elevate your game!


As you can see, this is pretty close to the standard form of a double. There are no crazy techniques that you have to master. It is just a slightly different way to go about setting it up that could possibly yield some great results. 

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A great way to set up a shot is a fake before it. However, your opponent can easily become keen on that because faking is a rather common thing to do before you shoot. A hesitation double takes advantage of your opponent thinking that they’re one step ahead. They’re going to think that they know what is going on and let their guard down. At that moment is when you strike.

For this form of a double, you just have to know when they think they’re ahead and when you strike. 

When most people fake, they pretend to go for a shot by lowering themselves and stepping in as if they were going for a shot. After that, they step backwards and raise up into their normal stance. If you fake, your opponent is going to most likely expect this out of you.

This is how you take advantage of them. After you fake, they think you are going to go back into your stance, but as Jackson shows, you just stay in that lowered position. For a split second, their guard is going to be dropped because they think that you are going to back up. That is when you strike. 

From that position that your fake put you in, you just go for your standard double leg. It won’t be as easy to defend because you are low and can get there faster. Also, there is a split second that they are going to think that nothing is going to happen, so they will be slow to defend. 

All of these good benefits come from just simply hesitating in that position of a fake. Who knew that some things could be this simple? Nate Jackson, that’s who. He knows so much more, and he has so much knowledge available for you through his instructional, The Cramm Takedown System.

The Cramm Takedown System by Nate Jackson

Jackson has much more than the hesitation double to offer, and your game will definitely benefit from Jackson’s state of the art teachings. Check it out now!