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Headlock Hip Throw For BJJ With Adam Wheeler

Headlock Hip Throw For BJJ With Adam Wheeler

The hip throw is probably one of the most seen takedowns in the world with how popular it is in movies and TV. The good thing is that it is also popular in grappling and in MMA. This isn't just because it looks cool but because it is actually very effective. It also helps that there are a ton of variations of the hip toss, meaning that there is a pretty good chance that you’ll find yourself in a situation where you can actually go for this throw.

There are a ton of variations of this throw when it comes to your hip positioning, your grips, your hand placement and so many more things, so this is why it's good to learn multiple versions of the throw. One of the variations of the hip toss can be done from a schoolyard bully style clinch position. 

Despite this headlock position not being the best to have overall in the clinch, it can still lead to a strong throw. In order to be able to land this throw, you are going to want to have someone break it down for you and dshow you it in real time, so that you can really understand the technique. Well don;t worry, we have just the person you need for the job. 

In this video, we have coach Adam Wheeler go over how to properly execute a pinch headlock hip toss, not only how to use the technique but also how to land in a proper position. Adam Wheeler is an american wrestler and an olympic athlete who competed in the 2008 Beijing olympics in Greco-Roman Wrestling and won the bronze medal in his weight class. If there is a person out there who can help you with your upper body throws, then it's Adam!

Hip Toss For BJJ And MMA


The video starts off with Adam having the two on one or a russian tie on his opponent. From the position he is going to shoot for an underhook under the arm that is in the two on one. Now that he has his underhook, he goes for a pinch headlock. Now that he has the grip that he wants, Adam goes for a hip toss. 

Before going for the hip toss, Adam talks about how he likes to have his hips and legs in the right position and how he uses the corkscrew motion when he throws because it takes much less energy than just trying to muscle down his opponent. 

When Adam actually goes from the throw, from this position he prefers to have his hips underneath his opponent's torso, instead of kick starting the motorcycle, which is where he has his leg go between his opponent’s legs and beneath their hips. 

From this position Adam finishes the throw. The nice thing about this throw for BJJ or MMA is that it lands you right into side control or a scarf hold position. This makes the throw a lot safer than others that end with you giving up position, especially giving up your back. 

Upper Body Takedowns For Wrestling by Adam Wheeler

If you like this tutorial and want to learn more from olympic bronze medalist Adam Wheeler then you should check out his complete video series “Upper Body Takedowns By Adam Wheeler” Available on BJJFanatics!