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Having Trouble With Your Two On One? Check Out These Takedowns

Having Trouble With Your Two On One? Check Out These Takedowns


A two on one is a great way to set up a takedown. There are many different possibilities from a two on one position like single legs, throws, snap downs, or double legs to name a few. When you have a two on one in practice, it is easy to hit takedowns because there is no resistance from your partner, but when you are in a match, you opponent doesn’t just let you have a two on one, they try to defend it. There are a couple common ways that people try to defend a two on one, like posting up on the head or shoulder or attacking the far elbow. When this happens, it can make it very difficult to score. Here are some great options that you can use when this happens.

Lunge Step with Adam Wheeler

When you have a two on one and your opponent post on your shoulder or head to create space, one way you can still get your takedown is with a lunge step. In this video, Olympian Adam Wheeler shows how you can use a lunge step to hit a single leg, double leg, or duck under. Check it out!


When your opponent posts on you they, it leaves their far side vulnerable. The first step is to post their hand up. When you watch the video, you will see Adam keeps his arm tight to his side as posts up his opponent’s arm. Watch how he attacks at the elbow and his thumb is on the inside. You can also see that you don’t have to post the arm up very high, just a couple inches to create the space necessary to hit the lunge step.

Once the space is open, you will hit a lunge step, which is basically a penetration step. Just be sure to keep a hold of the two on one with the far arm. From this position, you have a duck under, a double leg, or a single leg available. This is a simple way to hit three different takedowns from a very common position. 

Short Two On One Arm Drag with Nick Heflin

Here is another takedown you can hit when you opponent posts up on you. It is an arm drag that leads into a body lock. This is also a great move if you like to wrestle Greco. In this video, three time NCAA All American and Oklahoma University coach Nick Heflin demonstrates how to hit this arm drag.


You pretty much know that when you get a two on one your opponent will try to post up on you. If you are anticipating this, you can use it against them. Wait for them to post and right when they make contact, be sure you hand is on the inside so you can hit the arm drag. It is important to notice that Heflin really focuses on getting the arm down low then when he hits the drags and he pulls the arm all the way through, then up. After he hits the arm drag, the next key point is he takes a deep step between his opponent’s legs. Another important thing to pay attention to is when Heflin takes the step, he actually moves his opponent backwards. Then, he steps in with his other foot to which closes the distance between their hips and continues to move his opponent back. Also, pay attention to Heflin’s body position. His back is very straight which allows him to really get his hips in nice and close, which he uses to elevate his opponent once he has the body lock.

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This is another great option when your opponent posts up on you. It is great too because you can finish with a body lock and put your opponent on their back. Be sure to keep this move in your back pocket for a time when you are down late in a match and need to score some points or get a pin. 

Pinched Elbow Lateral Drop by Georgi Ivanov

Besides posting up on your head or shoulder, another common way people like to defend the two on one is by attacking your far elbow. Here is a lateral drop by Olympian Georgi Ivanov that you can use when that happens. Check it out!


This lateral drop starts out in a good Russian tie position and where you have the arm tight to your body. Watch how Georgi uses his belly to block his opponent’s arm and then takes the hand that is on the wrist and brings it up almost to an underhook position. Georgi is using his opponent’s elbow attack as an opportunity to get inside position. Be sure to look the direction you are planning on throwing and pop your hips. 

If you have trouble hitting this throw here are a couple of things to look at. First, are you stepping in deep enough? Your hips need to be close to your opponent’s hips. If there is too much space, the throw won’t work. Another thing to look at is are you able to pop your hips. If you can’t already do a lateral drop form and over under position, you probably aren’t ready to for this variation of a lateral drop. Lastly, make sure you are committing to the throw. It’s either all or nothing with throws, if you are only give 75% chances are it won’t work the way you want it to. 

Reverse Arm Throw with Georgi Ivanov

This last takedown is another one by Georgi Ivanov and comes from the same position as the previous takedown. It starts with a two on one and if your opponent is blocking you from hitting the shot you want because they are attacking your far elbow, you can hit this instead. Check out the video of Georgi demonstrating this arm throw.


One slight but important difference with this throw is it starts with a modified two on one where you reverse your grip on the bottom wrist. Once you have your grip switched up, you are going slightly elevate your opponent and pull them behind you which loads them up for the throw. 

From here, you will do a quick level change and slightly turn your body as the back knee goes down to the mat. Keep the arm tight with both your arms and even use your head to pinched their arm. Then, use the knee that is on the mat to drive forward and throw your opponent. Be sure to use your legs and drive them over. 

The 2-on-1 Encyclopedia by Georgi Ivanov
If you really like to use two on ones or would just like to learn more, be sure to check out Georgi Ivanov’s two on one video series titled “The 2-on-1 Encyclopedia by Georgi Ivanov”. In this video series, he will teach you everything you need to know in order to be as effective as possible with a two on one. Be sure to check it out.