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Have You Tried Beach Wrestling Yet?

Have You Tried Beach Wrestling Yet?

Beach wrestling is on the rise in the wrestling community. If you are wondering what it is, the name pretty much sums it up: it’s wrestling in the sand and competitions usually take place at the beach.  

Beach wrestling might sound like a new variation of our sport, but it has been recognized by United World Wrestling since 2005. In actuality though, wrestling in the sand was how the sport of wrestling was first done before there were wrestling mats and dates back thousands of years. 

The rules of beach wrestling are pretty simple. The first wrestler to three points wins. The matches take place on the beach in a seven meter diameter circle and one point is awarded for a takedown or a pushout. If there is a feet to back takedown, then two points are awarded. Matches are one three minute period with no over time. There is no wrestling on top or bottom either. Once a takedown has occurred, the wrestlers are stood back up.

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If the score is tied after three minutes, the winner is based on criteria. The first set of criteria looked at is highest value action. So if the score is tied at two, and one man had two one point takedowns and the other guy had a feet to back takedown worth two points, the second wins the match. If this set of criteria does not apply to the match, the last person to score would win. 

So why should you try beach wrestling? Well first off, it is a great way to get more experience in a fun way. Because you are in the sand, most wrestlers aren’t doing a lot of takedowns that would require their faces to be in the sand, so there is a lot of upper body throws and set ups done. This will force you to broaden your avenue of attacks and this will hopefully will make you a better wrestler out on the mat. Plus the matches are only three minutes long so you don’t need to be in great shape to compete. 

Another reason you should try out beach wrestling is because it is fun. In the sport of wrestling, it is easy to always think about working hard, accomplishing goals, and winning matches, and all of that is very important, but one thing that can sometimes be lost in all of that is the fun aspect of wrestling. 

Beach wrestling is a good way to get out of the wrestling rooms and gymnasiums and have fun at the beach doing something you already love to do. You can pretty much guarantee that whenever two or more wrestlers are at the beach there are already matches going down in the sand, this just gives it official rules and gives you more opponents, and when it is all over, you get to go jump in the water to cool off. 

It is easy to find beach wrestling tournaments for all skill levels with a simple internet search. Even though the summer in winding down, you may still be able to find a couple tournaments in your area to compete in. 

If you are involved in a wrestling club, setting up a beach wrestling tournament may be a great way to make some money for your club. If there are no beaches where you live, you could check out places that have sand volleyball courts that you could rent and host them there. 

Beach wrestling is a really fun and different way to compete and every wrestler should check it out!

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